Inside the New Luxury Crossovers

The idea of the crossover vehicle came about when automobile designers wanted to incorporate the amenities of a car into the functionality of a sport utility vehicle. Drivers were able to handle more adverse road conditions and reach areas off road without having to compromise the comfort of a sedan.

The idea behind the luxury crossover vehicle was to continue to take the functionality of the SUV but incorporate the high-class features that are often found in top-of-the-line sedans and coupes.

Over the years, the luxury crossover has evolved into the car of choice for consumers looking for comfort, quality, ruggedness, and style. We’ll take a look inside the top 3 luxury crossovers to get a better idea of what sets them apart from their mid-range counterparts and why they are such a popular choice among consumers looking to go the extra mile with their automobile purchases.

Tesla Model X
One word comes to mind when consumers hear the words, “electric vehicle.” Tesla is the standard bearer of the future of green cars and trucks. It’s no surprise that the company has built upon the success of their sedans and coupes and designed a truly wonderful luxury crossover.


As expected with an electric vehicle, there are no gas mileage figures for the Model X. On a single charge, drivers can expect a range of over 250 miles. Don’t let the lack of a gas tank fool you, as Tesla holds vehicle performance in high regard with a “Ludicrous mode” boasting 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds!

However, buyers will pay for this kind of luxury, with a base price coming in at $80,000. While it’s much faster than the other cars on the list, it’s also far more expensive.


Obviously, one of the key unique features of the Model X is the fact that it runs on electric power. You’ll never need to stop and fill up the tank with this vehicle. Not only is it cheaper to operate, but it also offers consumers peace of mind knowing that they are contributing to a healthier planet without sacrificing comfort, style or functionality.

The Model X boasts an all-encompassing entertainment system complete with a touchscreen as well as voice-activated, hands-free controls, nine speakers to surround the driver with sound and listening options that include online and on-demand radio. The layout of the instruments seamlessly integrates the entertainment functions with those of the cabin controls, navigation, and other communications systems.

From a safety features standpoint, the Model X includes electronic stability control, and anti-lock braking system as well as traction control, parking and blind spot sensors, lane departure warning system and is simply loaded with airbags.

Darren Brode /

Darren Brode /