Why Right Now is the Best Time to Buy a New Truck

The end of the year brings plenty of holiday sales. From the doorbuster deals of Black Friday to the after-Christmas sales offered by many retailers, you can save on just about everything. You can even save on a brand-new pickup truck. That’s right: auto dealerships also offer discounts and deals at the end of the year. While you might not think about buying a truck during the final weeks of the year, it's really the perfect time to shop. Dealerships are ready to make a deal and offer you impressive discounts. You can score a great price – and even more significant rebates – if you shop for a new truck right now. Search online to see what dealerships in your area are offering.

During the last months and weeks of the year, auto dealerships are extra motivated to make sales. They’re more open to negotiating, more open to discounts, and more open to giving you a great deal. So, if you’re looking for a truck, there’s no better time to buy. Search online now to see what kinds of offers are available late in the year.

Dealerships Need to Make Sales Before 2021 Arrives

Why do auto dealerships become so interested in making deals during the final months of the year? Well, there’s a lot on the line for dealerships and their sales staff.

When you purchase a new truck at the very end of the financial quarter (the month of December) dealerships are trying to squeeze in as many sales as possible to make sure they hit their required milestones. Dealerships have both annual sales goals and monthly sales goals to meet. So, December creates the perfect storm – and the perfect opportunity to save.

If a dealership hasn’t met its goals yet, the salespeople will be more willing to make a deal. In fact, if you wait until the very end of the month or year, you could save approximately 8.3 percent on a new truck.

There’s one more pressing problem for auto dealerships as the end of the year arrives. The end of the year means this year’s vehicles will no longer be the latest models. For example, at the end of 2020, all 2020 models need to sell. Shoppers who arrive in January 2021 are going to want 2021 models, not something from last year. 

As a result, dealerships start marking down “last year’s” models. This gives them more room to sell the incoming year’s models, which are more expensive and likely to make more money. If you visit your local dealership at the end of the year, you’ll find older models are deeply discounted to incentivize buyers.

You Can Find Offers on the Hottest Trucks at the End of the Year

While dealerships work to meet their sales goals and clear out old inventory, you can shop around for great deals on some of the hottest-selling trucks. 

Discounts and offers during the end of the year typically include a wide range of perks. You can find 0 percent financing offers, financial incentives, and even some no money down or due at signing options. Discounts on the MSRP are also very common, with dealerships offering an average 16 to 22 percent off the full price.

Look for auto dealerships that are hosting winter or year-end sales. Ram Trucks, for example, offers a Big Finish sale event that deeply discounts some of the toughest trucks. During the Ram Big Finish, you can get employee pricing plus additional discounts – the 2020 Ram 1500 is $8,860 off its MSRP, plus you’ll get $500 in Chrysler Capital bonus cash. The Ram 1500 Classic is discounted by $5,114 and you can get $1,000 in select inventory bonus cash and $1,000 in Chrysler Capital bonus cash. You can also get heavy-duty trucks, like the Ram 3500 with high-output diesel engine, with $2,250 bonus cash on certain trim models.

Nissan trucks are also seeing discounts for the end of the year. Nissan is offering multiple deals on the 2020 Titan. You can get up to $7,262 in savings – with $4,000 cash back and over $3,000 in Package Savings. Want to lease instead of buy? You can lease the Titan for $379 per month for 36 months with $3,999 down at signing. And Nissan is also offering 0 percent APR for 84 months plus up to $2,000 in NMAC cash back for qualified Titan buyers.

Search Online to See the Latest Truck Offers in Your Area

The truck deals mentioned above are only a few of the offers you’ll find if you shop for a new pickup right now. Trucks of all sizes and capabilities are available at a discount. But you’ll have to do your research in order to find them.

Year-end deals don’t last long – only through the end of December or the first days of January. So, you’ll want to search online to see what’s available right now. You can browse the offers, sale events, and other deals available right online and compare multiple dealerships and truck models at once. Then, you can head to the dealership to start negotiations so you can pay even less and get a great deal.