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5 Reasons You Need an Area Rug Right Now

4 minute read

By Heather Fishel

Rugs are a household item that double as home decor. You can add a rug into any room, adding color, pattern, and a bit of style. You can use rugs to make your home cozy and inviting. And you can truly transform different areas of your home with something as simple as a good area rug.

Few pieces of home decor are as versatile as an area rug. Whether you’re looking to spice up your home’s style, reinvigorate a room, or cover up flooring, you can rely on an area rug to accomplish it all. 

Additionally, area rugs can really enhance your home. Here are five reasons area rugs are a smart addition to every living space.

1. An Area Rug Anchors Furniture

Is there anything worse than setting up your furniture and realizing something is missing? Too often, people assume that their furniture and personal belongings will be enough to tie a room together. 

While furniture certainly takes up space, it often doesn’t bring the room together in a cohesive way. A room filled with only furniture can leave big bare spots throughout the room, giving it no center or anchor.

Fortunately, an area rug can solve this problem. Place an area rug in the middle of your furniture pieces, or use the rug to set your furniture on. You’ll have a room that feels more cohesive and “together” – and it can give the entire space a central anchor point.

2. It’s Art for Your Floors

Does your living space feel like it’s lacking some style? Maybe it needs color – or a work of art for people to marvel at.

An area rug can do both. Area rugs come in all kinds of colors, patterns, and even shapes. Some people actually choose to hang their area rugs like artwork, a cool trick that can breathe new life into any space.

But placing an area rug on the floor can also be a great way to add some nontraditional “art” to a room. Choosing a rug that coordinates with your style and furniture, but features a unique pattern, fun design, or special colors can do just as much for a room as a painting. And it’s less of a financial investment!

3. Area Rugs Help Control Sound

Have you ever felt like a room echoed? Sometimes, big spaces need a little something to lessen the sounds that happen in them. For example, a spacious den could make kids’ playtime sound extra loud, or a sparsely decorated living room might spread noise throughout your home.

If you’re looking to lessen or control the loud sounds happening in your house, you need an area rug or two. Area rugs soften the sound of footsteps, dropped items, and other loud noises. They’re especially great for homes with hardwood floors, which tend to make even the smallest noises sound extra loud.

An area rug will muffle all kinds of sound. Need even more peace and quiet? You can place a thick rug pad underneath an area rug to amplify the effect.

4. Rugs Feel Good Under Your Feet

If you’re living in a home without carpet, you know just how harsh hardwood floors can be. They’re cold and unforgiving during the winter, and they can make your entire space feel chilly. They can also be uncomfortable to walk on with your bare feet.

An area rug can solve these problems. They’re plush, welcoming, and cozy – and there’s nothing better to cushion your feet or welcome you at the start or end of the day. An area rug will keep your feet warm, give you a comfortable area within a room to hang out, and can be far more inviting to walk on. 

Area rugs also don’t just feel good under your feet. They also offer a cozy place to sit on the floor and hang out, which is an especially great perk for anyone with kids.

5. An Area Rug Ties the Room Together

Absolutely any room of any home can benefit from an area rug. Even if you think your room is complete, the right rug could really tie the entire space together.

An area rug can be any color, any size, and even any material. You can add a thick, large area rug in a simple pattern to add warmth in a living room. You can opt for a more artistic, colorful rug for a playroom or a guest room. Or, you can even place an area rug in a home office to bring life into the space.

Typically, an area rug is a piece of home decor that draws visitors’ eyes right to it. It’s a true centerpiece, something that’s interesting and useful. And with so many different kinds of area rugs available to choose from, you can tie any room together with a rug.

Area rugs are really the centerpiece of any room – and even many homes. If you’re looking for an affordable, easy way to add to your home’s decor and sense of style, an area rug can be the perfect fit.

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