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Top 10 Signs of Childhood ADHD

ADHD can be difficult to predict; many of the risk factors and causes of ADHD, including exposure to lead and other toxins, are easy to miss if parents aren’t aware of them. In addition, the most common symptoms tend to be behaviors that all children display at one time or another. As a parent, you…

What You Should Know About ADHD

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, popularly known as adult ADHD, is a neurobiological disorder that affects adults. At least thirty percent of those who are affected by this disorder had it during their childhood.

What Everyone Should Know About ADHD

Some of the brightest people on the planet suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A 9-year old may struggle to complete ordinary homework but get the top grades in his class on creative projects. The smartest guy in the room at a thriving corporation may seem forever unable to meet deadlines or get any work…