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The Best Crossover SUVs from Acura

If you’re in the market for a new crossover SUV, don’t miss Acura’s 2018 lineup. While the three-row Acura MDX is a popular choice among growing families, the compact Acura RDX’s value makes it just as appealing. Both models promise to offer an engaging driving experience. Let’s take a closer look at these premium crossovers.

Inside the Infiniti Sedan Lineup

Luxury sedans are a classic choice for drivers who want sophistication and a smooth, comfortable ride. When it comes to Infiniti’s lineup, there’s a car in this class for every driver. The Q50 is an affordable yet elegant compact car that’s suitable for families. The Q70 adds performance to the iconic midsize luxury sedan, while…

Inside the Infiniti SUV Lineup

A luxury SUV is an ideal ride for anyone who puts a premium on comfort but needs plenty of space for passengers, cargo, or gear. Infiniti is one of the foremost luxury automotive brands and has an exciting lineup of five SUVs in various sizes and configurations. If you’re shopping for a luxury SUV, here’s…