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Best Beauty Deals for Black Friday 2020

4 minute read

By Chelsea Dolan

There’s no shortage of beauty products, but buying even a small haul can cost a ton of money. That’s why Black Friday sales are worth taking advantage of.

The most popular beauty brands will be dropping prices on skincare, makeup, hair care, nail products, and anything else you might want to work into your beauty routine. Search online now to discover the latest Black Friday discounts on beauty buys.

With a record $7.4 billion spent online during Black Friday in 2019, this year’s sales event is expected to be just as big. Get ready to shop by searching online to find out what your favorite brands will be offering. That way, you’ll be ready when they go on sale.

What to Expect From Popular Beauty Brands

Black Friday is happening on November 27 and will be quickly followed up by Cyber Monday on November 30. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the end of November to start shopping. Some major retailers are offering sales all month long, allowing you to get a head start on your shopping.

While most beauty retailers are waiting closer to Black Friday to reveal sales, we do know which ones will be participating. Here’s an idea of how and when you can find Black Friday sales from a few beauty brand favorites.


You can find deals on beauty throughout the year, but Sephora will be stepping up its game for Black Friday. You can be the first to know about its Black Friday sale by downloading the Sephora app. Starting November 19, you can catch a preview of upcoming offers.

Ulta Beauty

Sign up for Ulta Beauty’s newsletter. They will soon send subscribers everything there is to know about the upcoming Black Friday deals, along with regular sale updates and events.

Cult Beauty

UK-based beauty brand Cult Beauty is teasing major sales set to begin on November 23. Customers can expect to shop their best-ever savings during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you can be the first to find out about them by signing up for the Cult Beauty newsletter.


Keep an eye out for the “Christmas Comes Early” sale with Selfridges. The UK brand ships worldwide and last year, customers got up to 10 percent off purchases starting the Wednesday before Black Friday.

Beauty Deals You Can Find Right Now

If you’re eager to shop, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday. There are already some deals you can check out online. Deals like this won’t last long, so make sure to shop early before items sell out or the prices change leading up to Black Friday.

Here are some of the best beauty deals currently available.



Hair Care, Brushes, and Tools:

Discover More Black Friday Deals Online

With so many items to consider buying, it can help for shoppers to create a wishlist before Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes around. This will allow you to quickly add things into your cart and even compare prices to help you find the best deal. Don’t forget that a lot of people will be shopping for deals at the same time. Inventory will inevitably run out both online and in store, so do your research ahead of time to take advantage of holiday deals.


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