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Best SUV interiors for 2016

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There are several steps you generally go through before deciding to buy a new luxury SUV.  You might think about your cargo and passenger needs, the type of driving you do, and important safety features. You might consider car colors and exterior styling choices.

The problem at this level is that many of the features on the vehicles could seem indistinguishable. Safety considerations are standard. Exterior add-ons are readily customizable. The best option, then, is to look at the SUV’s interior. Utility features and luxury detailing to make the daily commute more relaxing and long-distance traveling a breeze help to distinguish between these makes and models.

Indeed, among the top SUV interiors for 2016 are three stalwarts of the full-size luxury SUV market: the Lincoln Navigator, the Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV, and the Infiniti QX80. All similarly baseline priced and with comparable styling, cargo space and safety considerations, it’s in the luxury features and available special offers that these SUVs distinguish themselves.

Lincoln Navigator

Consistently a consumer favorite, the Lincoln Navigator includes a bevy of luxury features in its arsenal to keep even the weariest traveler happy. Among the best of its luxury features are:

But it’s not just luxury features that are important, and the Lincoln Navigator has a range of utility features as well to keep both weekend adventurers and soccer parents happy. These utility features include:

Pros for the Lincoln Navigator include:

Cons to consider with the Lincoln Navigator:

A baseline Lincoln navigator starts at $63,195 MSRP with the L model, with an extended wheelbase, starts at $65,560 MSRP. The top end L Reserve with all wheel drive starts at $76,650 MSRP.

Currently you can lease a Lincoln Navigator for 36 months for $599, with cash due at signing, or purchase one with 0% APR for up to 60 months with a $2,000 Lincoln Premium Bonus at purchase.

Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV

Mercedes-Benz has long been considered a frontrunner of the luxury market, and the GLS SUV delivers a list of luxury features sure to appeal to even the most jaded consumer. Among those luxury features are:

The GLS SUV doesn’t disappoint when it comes to utility features either. Whether you’re making a weekend surf trip to the coast or commuting home in drizzly Friday afternoon rush hour, it has features to keep you going, including:

Among the Pros for GLS are:

Cons for the GLS include:

The base GLS450 starts at $68,700 MSRP with two other trim levels and a diesel option. Available packages, including the Lane Tracking Package and the Power Package, add additional fees. The AMG GLS63, Mercedes-Benz’s flagship SUV of the GL line, starts at $124,100.

The current special offers for the Mercedes GLS SUV includes the Mercedes-Benz Summer Event with several lease options for qualified customers.

Infiniti QX80

Infiniti has built its brand to be synonymous with luxury, and its long list of attributes reminds us once more of why Infiniti has become a leader in the luxury market. Among its long list of luxury features are:

The Infiniti also distinguishes itself with a number of utility features including:

Pros for the Infiniti QX80 include:

Cons to the Infiniti QX80 are:

The Infiniti QX80 includes a base and Limited trim levels with an optional Signature Edition at the base level with rear and all-wheel drive options for all trim levels. Estimated MSRP for a base rear wheel drive QX80 is $63, 250 while the fully loaded Limited starts at $88,850 MSRP.

The Infiniti “Start a New Legacy” campaign includes several special offers for the QX80 including two lease offers for rear wheel and all-wheel drive models with driver assistance, theater, tire and wheel packages and a purchase offer of 0.9% financing for up to 60 months for qualified customers.

All of these luxury SUVs have sophisticated and comfortable features that will surely please the discerning buyer. What is important is that you select the one that will best suit your lifestyle needs.




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