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Have A Look at These Rubber Truck Mats for Pickups

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Whether you are a contractor hauling equipment around to different jobs, or just want to keep some tools and things in the back of your pickup truck, a bed mat can be very practical. These flat rubber mats are made to slide into almost any type of truck bed and protect it from damage. Thin and flexible, they don’t take up a lot of room but keep the truck’s paint finish from rusting or scratching. There are many brands that sell rubber mats, each with their own great features.

Dee Zee Rubber Truck Bed Mats
One of the most popular brands of rubber truck bed mats is Dee Zee. Keep the bed of your truck safe with a durable, custom-molded rubber mat. At almost 1/2″ thick, these mats cushion against the heaviest objects. You won’t worry at all about carrying old, rusted, or sharp items in the truck, because the Dee Zee mat prevents damage to the paint job. It also helps reduce the noise that is normally caused by items shaking around. The rubber material also helps keep loose items from slipping and sliding while you are on the road. You can leave the heat and cold resistant mat in the truck bed all year.

Dee Zee designed this mat with rounded nubs on the underside to lift the mat slightly away from the truck bed for better air flow. This helps keep moisture from becoming trapped against the pickup’s paint. You’ll love how easy it is to remove this American-made product from your truck bed too.

DualLiner Truck Bed Liners
Enjoy comprehensive coverage with the interlocking technology of DualLiner. This multi-component bed liner system includes a rubber bed mat and four hard plastic side wall covers. These pieces are easy to install to create a complete bed liner with special “C” channel locks on each component. You won’t have to drill into your truck or apply any expensive coatings to keep the bed liner in place.

The thick composite rubber of a DualLiner bed mat provides a soft, slightly textured surface to make crawling around in the truck bed easier. It also absorbs shocks to keep sharp, heavy objects from making a lot of noise and to protect your truck paint. The custom-fitting sidewalls go further to protect the inside walls of your truck bed from getting scraped and dented. An UV resistant chemical used on the sidewalls helps them resist fading and degradation over time.

A DualLiner product warranty provides some extra protection for customers. If your bed liner has a defect in the material or the workmanship, the company can replace it. This warranty is also transferable to a new owner if you sell your pickup with the bed liner installed in it.

TrailFX Bed Mat
When you just want a simple, easy to install bed mat, TrailFX is a good option. This well-known brand name provides a custom-molded mat for use in most make and model of truck. However, a universal application bed mat is also available. You’ll just need to tweak it a bit for a better fit in your truck bed. TrailFX bed mats are 3/8″ thick and made from Nyracord, a special blend of rubber and nylon that is extremely durable and strong. It will resist wear and tear, cracking or breaking, even during extreme weather conditions. Truck owners will love the ruggedness and comfort of this bed mat.

The top of the met features a textured pebble surface to keep loose items from shifting around in the back of the truck. A series of horizontal raised ribs along the surface also make loading and unloading of cargo easier. The underside is also textured to encourage evaporation and drainage of moisture. When it rains, your truck bed will be safe from rust and mildew.

When you buy direct from the manufacturer, TrailFX offers a limited 90-day warranty to the original owner. If you find a defect in the mat within that time period, the company may be able to send you a replacement.

BedRug Mat
Those truck owners who want a bed mat that fits as snugly as a bug in a rug can turn to the BedRug Mat. This 3/4″ polypropylene, custom-molded mat features ribbed backing that fits neatly into the channels of a truck bed. You’ll be able to walk on a flat, smooth, and firm surface that won’t dip and bend under your weight. It is great for pets and even soft enough to sleep on during camping trips, as the mat’s surface has the look and feel of a carpet too. This foam rubber material is non-abrasive and won’t chafe or damage the clear coat finish on a pickup.

BedRug custom-fits mats to many makes and models of truck, and to accommodate any bed protection product already installed in your vehicle. Installation of a BedRug mat is straightforward and won’t require any drilling, as it uses a hook and loop fastener system to remain affixed to the truck bed. This rubber truck bed mat is both tough and comfortable to walk, sit, or sleep on.

Rubber Mats Versus Hard Plastic Bed Liners
Truck owners have many options to choose from when it comes to bed protection, including the materials used. Hard plastic bed liners may be tempting as they are durable, inexpensive, and similar to rubber mats. However, the hard-plastic liner holds its shape, resists stains, and may feature a short sidewall to contain any spills. WeatherTech produces a hard bed liner that is custom-molded to fit the truck bed using laser measurements. This precise fit can be a great feature for those who own trucks with unusual dimensions.

On the downside, hard bed liners won’t have the same level of give as a rubber bed mat. They are harder on the feet and knees, so you may not want to spend much time in the back of your pickup. The hard surface won’t be able to grip onto loose items the way a rubber material can to keep them from sliding. You may want to pair the liner with a truck bed cover to contain your belongings.

For a better feel and improved grip, you may want to stick with a rubber truck bed mat. These mats are weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and many brands come custom-molded to your particular vehicle. You won’t need any special tools to install a bed mat, and they remove without causing any damage or taking a lot of effort. Your truck bed will be left in the same pristine condition as it was before you had a bed mat in the back.

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