How Dental Implants Lead to a Flawless, Comfortable Smile

Dental implants are permanently attached to your jaw bone, so they can remain in place for the rest of your life. Implants can restore your smile and will not shift around in your mouth like dentures can. Since the implants are drilled into your jaw and the caps are attached to the tops, they are a permanent solution for people who have missing teeth.

While dental implants are the preferred choice for people who have lost some teeth, they can have an expensive upfront cost. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry reports that the average cost of a single tooth implant can be expected to cost between $3,000 and $4,500. However, it is important to note that the fact that they can last for decades means that the cost of implants may not be much higher than other tooth-replacement choices in the long-run.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer multiple benefits as compared to dentures and bridges. They help to stimulate bone growth in your jaw, so you can help to prevent bone loss. Implants also can last your entire life if you take proper care of them. By contrast, you might need to replace your dentures every few years. Dental implants remain in place and cannot be removed. This means that you will not need to take them out at night to clean them or use pastes to keep them in place.

People also prefer dental implants because they will not move around in the mouth. You can enjoy the foods that you love and talk without worrying that your dentures will slip around in your mouth.

How Implants Can Give You the Best Smile

Dental implants can give you a better smile than bridges or dentures. Since they fuse to your jaw bone, they help to prevent further bone loss, so you can preserve the natural structure of your face. Implants also do not depend on the surrounding teeth to support them. Bridges and dentures place stress on the teeth that are adjacent to them, which can lead to the weakening of the teeth and their eventual decay.

Dental implants also look more like your real teeth than other tooth replacement options. They look and feel just like your teeth do, allowing you to feel more confident when you interact with other people. As long as you care for them properly by brushing and flossing regularly, your implants may last you for decades and allow you to have a terrific smile for years to come.

How to Find the Best Deals

While the initial outlay for dental implants may be expensive, they are affordable when you consider that dentures and bridges may need to be replaced every few years. It is still possible for you to find a great deal on dental implants, however. If you live in a large city, you might check the prices at dental offices in smaller metropolitan areas in which prices overall are cheaper. It is also possible for you to save substantial amounts of money by getting implants at a dental school by a student who is working under the supervision of a trained dentist.

Comparison shopping by searching multiple dentists in your area may help you to find a better deal. Some people choose to travel overseas to get dental implants in countries that have lower prices such as India. There are also some charitable organizations and dental societies that may offer low-cost or free dental implants to members of specific groups. Finally, the best way for you to find the best deals on dental implants is to be patient and take the time to do your own research. When you find the best deal and get your implants, you will be happy that you researched and invested in the best solution for your missing teeth.