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India’s Top Online Trading Sites and Apps

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By Ankish Jain

Online trading is the process of purchasing and selling financial products through the internet. In this trading approach, the trader makes purchases and sells using an internet trading platform. Online trading includes the purchase and sale of stocks, commodities, bonds, foreign currencies, and other financial assets.

A trading platform is a website and associated software that enables traders and investors to conduct trading activities. Most trading platforms have incredible features, including charting tools, news feeds, premium search, and real-time quotations. Specific platforms are dedicated to certain markets, including futures, equities, options, and currencies.

Online trading platforms such as Zerodha and Upstox have experienced an increase in traders and trading activity during the current worldwide situation. This has complicated many people’s financial sources, prompting them to seek other forms of income. Additionally, many individuals gained additional time to invest in shares, which aided in online trading in India.

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha is an industry-standard trading platform accessible through mobile applications and the web. Zerodha’s Kite is a significant contributor to exchanges, contributing eight percent of retail trading value to the BSE, MCX, NSE, and MCX-SX.

Currently, Zerodha has over three million active customers and over 120 locations around the nation.


When creating a trading account with Zerodha, traders must pay a 200 INR account opening fee. There is no account maintenance fee.

Zerodha does not charge traders for delivery-based deals. For stock intraday transactions, traders are charged 0.03 percent of turnover or 20 INR per order completed, whichever is lower.



Upstox Pro

Upstox Pro is a web-based trading platform that supports HTML5. Upstox Pro is renowned for its speed and ease of use. Traders may trade on the NSE and BSE through smartphones and the web.


When traders create a trading account, they must pay a one-time fee of 249 INR. The brokerage fee is 20 INR per completed order or 0.05 percent on all trading segments, whichever is lower.




FYERS One is one of the most advanced trading systems available today. Specifically intended for fundamental and technical traders, this trading platform includes technical screeners and sophisticated charting. The platform’s built-in screeners aid traders in analyzing current market trends, support and resistance levels, and intraday fluctuations.


Since it is an online trading platform, traders and investors must have a stable internet connection to trade using FYERS One.

The best feature of this trading platform is that it provides affordable brokerage plans that include free equity delivery brokerage. All other sectors carry a brokerage fee of 20 INR per completed order.



Sharekhan TradeTiger

Sharekhan’s TradeTiger is a very efficient trading platform that enables customers to trade using their desktop and smartphone devices. It is designed to provide skilled brokers access to robust broker terminals and a pleasant trading experience. TradeTiger enables trading across several trading sectors and exchanges.

TradeTiger is capable of processing over 400,000 trades each day. Better yet, the specialist research teams provide investing advice, stock, business analysis, and trading suggestions to assist users.


TradeTiger is an entirely free platform that requires no membership costs. Traders can download it and immediately begin trading numerous assets simultaneously.

On equity, delivery, and currency futures, traders will pay 0.10 percent on the first leg and 0.02 percent on the second leg. For intraday trading, a user must pay 0.1 percent.



Angel Broking

Angel Broking is amongst the leading broking houses in India. This trading platform was Established in 1987, this platform is dedicated to retail stock trading. In 2019, Angel Broking changed the brokerage plans to stay in the same league as other discount stockbrokers, such as Zerodha.

The company has made significant investments in technology and provides a comprehensive variety of proprietary trading platforms and tools. This includes:


Angel Broking offers flat-rate plan called Angel i-Trade Prime. Through this plan, users can trade for a flat fee of 20 INR per order across all trading segments and include free equities delivery.



Ankish Jain



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