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Inside the 2017 Chrysler 300

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For those looking for a new full-sized sedan, the newly released 2017 Chrysler 300 may be worth considering. For fans of the vehicle series, you will notice that the latest rendition features many different cosmetic adjustments to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. It also comes standard equipped with many electronic gadgets that are sure to delight those of you who are fond of tech.

The MSRP of the standard 2017 Chrysler 300 model starts at $32,340. The car features an upgraded entertainment system that connects with a variety of Android and Apple devices for an enhanced user experience. It also comes with a standard 292 horsepower engine that delivers exceptional power and performance.

Performance Specifications

The Chrysler 300 is an ideal pick for those of you who want a full-sized sedan that still has the power to get up and go. The 292-horsepower engine provides just the right balance between power and efficiency for city driving. A more powerful 300 horsepower version is also available for purchase with the Chrysler 300 S model as well.

The car handles very nicely in a wide range of driving conditions thanks to the electric power steering making this car perfect for handling tough curves and more. The standard model comes with rear wheel drive which is fine for most owners. However, if you prefer more control and better handling, then you may want to take advantage of the all-wheel drive upgrade.

For enhanced acceleration, Sport mode is the way to go with the Chrysler 300. This feature increases the response of the acceleration pedal, calibrates the paddle shifters and electric power steering, as well as raises the shift transmission points to provide an exhilarating driving experience.

Below is a breakdown of the specifications of the Chrysler 300:

Safety & Entertainment Features

One of the areas where the Chrysler 300 shines the most is its entertainment and safety features. The vehicle comes standard equipped with its signature UCONNECT 8.4 system. This system features an 8.4-inch display that supports swipe and multi-touch gestures. It also comes with five years of Sirius satellite radio service as well as traffic plus.

The available BeatsAudio system is another great feature for those of you who love music. The system includes 10 premium speakers, a 12-channel 552-watt amplifier, and a trunk-mounted dual-voice coil subwoofer. The audio this system produces is extremely rich and is the ultimate way for you to immerse yourself in your favorite music while traveling.

The car also comes equipped with a media hub that is perfect for playing music from your phone. It features two USB ports, an audio jack, and a wireless charging pad for your device. Compatible devices are able to stream music through your car’s audio system and you can control your selection using the radio or the steering wheel controls.

In terms of safety, the Chrysler 300 has many different features available that help it stand out amongst some of the other options. The ParkSense feature is a prime example. This feature works by sending out ultrasonic signals in front of and behind the vehicle. This helps the car detect when it is about to collide with an object and notify the driver before the collision occurs.

Another great safety feature that is available is the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop. This feature automatically adjusts the speed of your vehicle to keep a specific distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. It is even able to bring the car to a complete stop if necessary.

The last safety feature that deserves mentioning is the Blind Spot Monitoring System. This system scans both sides of the car for other vehicles that could be in your blind spot when you are attempting a lane change. If a vehicle is detected, an icon appears on the mirror making you aware of the other car’s presence.

Fuel Efficiency

The Chrysler 300 features 19 MPG in city driving conditions and 30 MPG in highway conditions, resulting in an overall average of 23 MPG. Unfortunately, these numbers to drop substantially if you elect to purchase an all-wheel drive model instead. Models with this feature will get 18 MPG in city driving conditions and 27 MPG when driving in highway conditions.

Pros & Cons

The Chrysler 300 does have many great features that make it a great vehicle. Unfortunately, it does have some negative qualities that need mentioning as well. This section is going to look at the main pros and cons of the vehicle.

The Pros

The Cons

How the Chrysler 300 Compares to The Competition

The 2017 Chrysler 300 has undergone many changes designed to improve its allure to customers. Many of those are centered around its safety and the entertainment features it provides. However, there are still many competing vehicles that give it a run for its money. The vehicle’s main competitors are the Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, Kia Cadenza, Ford Taurus, and Toyota Avalon.

Compared to its competitors, the Chrysler 300’s fuel economy falls somewhere in the middle. The Chrysler is beaten by the Chevrolet Impala and the Toyota Avalon with 22/30 MPG and 21/30 MPG respectively.

In terms of cost, the Chrysler 300 is beaten by all but one of its competitors listed above. The cheapest option is the Four Taurus which only goes for $28,638. The most expensive competing car is the Toyota Avalon which has an MSRP of $33,300.

Overall, the 2017 Chrysler 300 is an amazing car. It has many different safety features that will help you while you are driving in a variety of different conditions. It is also great in terms of entertainment thanks to the high-quality audio system, the mobile device connectivity, and the included satellite radio subscription. However, the cost of the vehicle is somewhat higher than the majority of its competitors. Also, the fuel economy is probably one of the weakest points for this particular model that only gets worse when using the more powerful engine options. With these caveats in mind, the Chrysler 300 is still an excellent choice for those of you seeking a powerful car with many different features.

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