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Inside the New Cadillac XTS Sedan

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Among premium automobiles, the sculpted lines of the elegant Cadillac XTS Sedan command respect! This luxury vehicle reflects meticulous attention to detail, from its sleek exterior to its plush interior cabin and numerous available high tech infotainment technology options. Customers seeking a truly outstanding, opulent vehicle will want to explore the prestigious XTS in depth.

This four-door sedan offers an overall height of nearly five feet (59.1″) and a standard width of 72.9″, leaving ample room for most people to stretch out comfortably within the cabin. The Manufacturer’s Standard Retail Price begins at $45,295, just a few hundred dollars less than the CTS. However, as with other Cadillac models, the XTS furnishes an extensive range of available features and upgrades.

This impressive sedan supplies numerous desirable standard amenities and some unique features, too. These include: four-wheel anti-lock Brembo® ABS breaks, a gasoline-powered V-6 engine offering 304 horsepower, front wheel drive, a direct fuel-injection system, and precision-engineered Electronic Stability and Traction Control technologies.

Some Critical Features

Just like the Cadillac CTS, the stylish XTS Sedan offers a number of available features designed to enhance various aspects of driving. Cutting edge performance, safety and entertainment upgrades permit customers to customize many aspects of the XTS to enhance its utility:


Although the XTS provides a powerful standard 3.6L V-6 engine, customers have the available option of upgrading to a Twin Turbo V-6 engine with a stunning 410 horsepower capability in sporty models of the sedan. This option enables the XTS to fit well in either a business executive or a high performance setting. An XTS Sedan equipped with the additional horsepower will accelerate very quickly on the highway.


Cadillac has incorporated many standard safety features in the XTS, including 10 standard airbags. The company uses modern “crumple zone” technology to better protect the driver and passengers within a high strength steel framework. Yet in addition to these features, customers enjoy the option of adding available high tech functions, such as a sophisticated sensor system that warns the driver in advance of an impending forward collision and an available built-in satellite communications OnStar platform for obtaining vehicle assistance during emergencies.


Cadillac enables its XTS Sedan customers to select from a wide variety of available infotainment features. These vehicles furnish the standard Cadillac Cue lineup, a roster of navigation and information programming. An available option for wireless charging permits occupants of the vehicle to charge battery-powered devices whenever the XTS Sedan remains in operation. An available flip up screen mounted in the rear of the vehicle offers back seat passengers access to a DVD player and two sets of headphones for entertainment.

How It Compares With the Competition

Several upscale vehicles compete with this luxurious sedan. In addition to Cadillac’s own CTS, the XTS vies with the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E Class line and the 2016 Audi A6 Four Door Sedan Front Trak (the 2.0T Premium model), two sedans carrying a slightly higher MSRP. The Mercedes-Benz E Class starts at an MSRP of $53,100 and the Audi A6 begins at only $46,200. The competing vehicles all include numerous available options that could increase the overall purchasing costs significantly.

Fuel Efficiency

The standard XTS provides more horsepower than its competitors, yet it displays a slightly reduced fuel economy. All the vehicles in this class offer a finely detailed, elegant interior and outstanding precision engineering. Fuel efficiency rises on highway surfaces (as opposed to travel within urban areas that will require frequent starts and stops).

Pros and Cons

The competitive price and luxurious interior of the Cadillac XTS Sedan help make this model a strong competitor in the luxury car marketplace. It supplies a smooth, elegant ride with many amenities that will appeal to customers seeking comfortable, eye-catching transportation.

As automakers continue to add streamlined available high tech feature in upscale vehicles, buyers enjoy many options for gaining qualified infotainment and navigational service. The XTS will likely continue to attract a loyal following of customers based upon the variety and utility of its many available options.

The standard model offers slightly more horsepower than the standard Cadillac CTS Sedan. Additionally, this luxury sedan gives customers some available color selections that CTS drivers cannot select, such as Dark Emerald Metallic. The beautiful XTS Sedan furnishes price advantages in comparison with the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E Class line and the 2016 Audi A6 Four Door Sedan Front Trak (the 2.0T Premium model).

One negative aspect of this vehicle involves the comparatively high shipping charges. It costs nearly $1,000 simply to ship the XTS Sedan.

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