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Inside the New Ford Explorer

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The 2018 Ford Explorer model is currently America’s most popular three-row SUV, with sales especially increasing after the 2011 model.

While it’s not a completely redesigned model, the 2018 Ford Explorer has had changes such as new front and rear styling, a luxury lined platinum trim level, some new gadgets and equipment, and most importantly its new Ecoboost four-cylinder engine.

Since the last redesign from 2011, the Ford Explorer has switched from being a truck to a passenger car based on the front-wheel drive design like in the Taurus and the Flex. It carries on the Ford legacy as a familiar SUV juggernaut and continues to be one of the most well-known eye grabbers in the market.

[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”19″]Size, MSRP, and Basic Specs[/su_heading]

Even though the Explorer comes in at around 4,500 pounds, you can still reach 0 to 60 mph in a mere six seconds. With the powerful 3.5L V6 Ecoboost engine, you don’t have to worry about the hole burning in your wallet at the gas pump since the Explorer can get up to 19 city mpg and 28 mpg on the highway.


Other specs include:

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The MSRP for the 2018 Ford Explorer starts from around $31,990 if you decide to settle for the standard model.


[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”19″]Unique Features[/su_heading]

With three rows included, you can seat up to seven people for driving through the great outdoors or taking a long drive in the city in the Ford Explorer. Its adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning with brake support can alert you if you’re in a potential collision situation with the vehicle in front of you.

The BLIS® with Cross-Traffic alert lets you know about vehicles in your blind spot, and the hill descent control gives you extra confidence when you’re on a downslope along with intelligent 4WD for traction where you need it the most.

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[su_spacer]The Terrain Management SystemTM lets you set up different terrain settings to maximize the Explorer’s performance. In the interior, the cargo capacity provides enough storage for all of your equipment or groceries, and you can also expand your cargo space using the class-exclusive available Powerfold® third-row seat.

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[su_spacer]Other features that let you experience the full power of the Explorer include:

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[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”19″]Technology[/su_heading]

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the future with the Explorer’s high-tech, easy to read displays and gadgets. For those that aren’t too great at parking, the front 180-degree camera and park aid can make parking easier so you can avoid any issues.

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There are dual 2nd row smart-changing USB ports for the kids in the back that want to charge their phones or portable games. For the passenger and driver in the front, SYNC® with MyFord Touch® lets you make hands-free calls, listen to music from Sirius XM Radio, 911 Assist®, incoming messages, and helps you find locations with a built in GPS.

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If you’ve got both hands occupied, that won’t pose a problem. The available hands-free and foot-activated liftgate opens the trunk with just a kick of your foot. While you’re driving, the Explorer’s lane keeping system can detect when your vehicle is drifting outside its lane and helps you straighten out your path again.


[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”19″]Pros and Cons[/su_heading]

The Ford Explorer continues to be the top contender in SUVs, yet choosing the perfect SUV is subjective among customers since they have their reasons to either buy or not buy the 2018 Explorer model.

Here are the pros that explain why so many people want to buy the Ford Explorer:
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Here are the cons:
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Despite some issues, the 2018 Ford Explorer is still an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality SUV and remains at the top of the competition. It’s great for keeping the kids happy, a trusty companion for the open road, and while it’s quick and soft, you can rough it up on different terrains with smooth capability.[su_spacer]

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