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Inside the New Honda CR-V

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As one of the most popular crossover SUV’s on the market today, the latest Honda CR-V does not disappoint. Many of the traditional features long associated with this model are still accounted for, while many popular new and contemporary design features have been added. Through it all, the new Honda CR-V continues to build upon its legacy of durability and reliability, while encompassing many of the safety features that drivers have grown to depend on today.

There are also some unique features contained in this latest model that consumers will appreciate, such as multi-angle rearview camera and lane departure system. Fuel efficiency has also further been enhanced in order to provide better affordability throughout the driving experience. The new Honda CR-V also stacks up well against the competition in the areas of comfort, safety, and overall driving enjoyment.

Basic Components of the New Honda CR-V

The new Honda CR-V comes with a powerful 185-hp Engine, optional real time all-wheel drive capability, a hill start assist feature, and a continuously variable transmission. All of these features and more are available at a base manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $23,845.

Features of the New Honda CR-V

Long time devotees to the CR-V will appreciate that the power tailgate is now standard on all models. This allows drivers and passengers alike to open the back of the SUV with a simple press of a button. For added accessibility and ease of operation, the tailgate can be lowered just as easily. This allows for simple access to the back of the vehicle without needing to use hands. Consumers will also appreciate the one-touch power moon roof, smart entry keyless access option, and integrated turn indicator side mirrors that add extra visibility in high traffic areas.

The interior of the New Honda CR-V also comes with a leather-trimmed interior, giving it a sleek and luxurious feel throughout. For drivers that can never seem to get comfortable, the new CR-V has them covered with a 10-way power driver’s seat. This allows the seat to be adjusted in ten different ways, and even allowing for a two-position memory system option on selected models.

The center console on the New CR-V is also extremely spacious. This allows drivers and passengers alike ample room to store their modern gadgets. The console even comes complete with a USB audio interface that enables phones and music players to be plugged in seamlessly through the vehicle’s entertainment system.

Stacking Up Against the Competition

Compared to other crossover vehicles in this class, the new Honda CR-V has exceptional fuel economy. The vehicle itself is also much more spacious, and this includes both seating rows. Taller drivers and passengers alike will appreciate the roominess of the CR-V, while resting assured that they will not be greatly encroaching on the space of other individuals in the back. Compared to other crossovers, the CR-V also has a more functional rear folding seat back that can be easily operated with a pull of a lever.

In addition, this model is currently rated among the best in its class for technical and safety features. The MSRP is also favorable in comparison to other vehicles in its class, which further demonstrates that it stacks up well against the competition.

Fuel Efficiency

The new Honda CR-V has a fuel efficiency gauged at 33 miles per gallon on the highway, and up to 26 in the city. This compares favorably to previous models, making use of more fuel-efficient engine technology resulting in cleaner burning emissions overall.

Pros and Cons of the New Honda CR-V

Consumers will likely take notice that the new Honda CR-V contains no upgrade options for its engine. In addition, many have remarked that the touchscreen interface is not very intuitive, and that it lacks a separate volume and tuning knob. The design features are also a bit cheap in appearance, which detracts from the luxury feel that Honda appears to have hoped to develop with this latest model.

The performance advantages of the new Honda CR-V are plentiful. The pricing point really cannot be beat as far as crossover SUV’s go. The safety features alone put many drivers at ease, and the fuel efficiency continues to improve with each new model that hits the market. Consumers will also appreciate the upgraded 17-inch alloy wheels and rear privacy glass that is available on some models. When you combine the dependability of the Honda brand with the comfort associated with the CR-V, the pros are definitely in your favor.

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