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Inside the New Toyota 4Runner

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The Toyota 4Runner is a great car to get inside if you want a full SUV experience. This unit is sturdy and stacked with everything you need to fulfill your wildest dreams.

The 4Runner is not a dainty vehicle in any sense of the word. It’s the kind of vehicle that you can get dirty and abuse a little bit and then clean it up and put it right on the showroom floor. The 4Runner will take you wherever you want to go, whether it’s the highway, the mountains or the woods. It can adapt to all situations quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let this versatile option pass you by. Get behind the wheel of one today.

Specifications and Pricing

The 4Runner starts with an MSRP of a little over $34,000, which is a mid-range price. Local dealers may have deals and special pricing for you if you are interested in taking one of these vehicles home.

The specifications on this accommodating SUV are remarkable. The interior is a complete pleasure because of the luxury that it contains. You and your passengers can sit back and enjoy the feel of leather seating and a ton of other accommodations like heated front seats, Entune Audio, a power moonroof and so much more.

The 4 Runner offers a massive amount of cargo volume. The front seat area has more than 89.7 cubic feet of cargo space in the front. The second row has more than 88.8 cubic feet of cargo space. The third row offers about 88.8 cubic feet, as well.

The vehicle comes with a 23-gallon fuel tank, and it seats five to seven people in it. Its towing capacity is 5,000 pounds, so it can really do some damage. As far as passenger and driver comfort, this model has an excellent amount of room. The head room in the front row is 39.3 inches. The second row yields more than 38.6 inches. The third row has 34.3 inches. The shoulder room is a little more than 57 inches in all three rows. The leg room is a plentiful 41.7 inches in the front, 32.9 inches in the second row and 29.3 inches in the third row. Finally, the vehicle has 9 inches of ground clearance.

Unique Features

The 4Runner has so many unique features that they can hardly all be listed at once. First, safety is a top priority for Toyota, and this vehicle shows that perfectly. Just a few of the safety features that you will have at your fingertips are features such as Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Anti-theft System With Engine Immobilizer, Hillstart Assist Control, Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Locator and an Advanced Airbag System.

All these amazing features work together to keep protecting everyone in the vehicle, and to make sure that no one walks away with the vehicle. The Anti-theft System is perhaps the most crucial feature because it locks the truck own as soon as someone tries to take it.

4Runner vs. the Competition

The 4Runner stacks up well against the competition. For example, it smashes the Jeep Wrangler in comfort and reliability. It also has many more safety features than some of the other vehicles in its class.

Fuel Efficiency

The SR5 and Limited versions of the truck are the ones that get the best gas mileage. They can get up to 17 miles per hour in the city, 19 miles per hour mixed and 22 miles per gallon on the highway. The fuel efficiency is fair for a vehicle in its class.

Pros and Cons

The Kelley Blue Book rating of the 4runner is a 6.4, but consumers rated it with nine out of 10 points. Consumers rated it highly because of its reliability. Some consumers stated that the 4Runner is an excellent daily driver vehicle. They also liked its roominess and the fact that it could seat up to seven people in it. The downside to the 4Runner according to consumers is that its handling is not the best, and it does not have as many luxury features as some of the other vehicles in its class has. The highest rating the vehicle received from KBB experts was a 7.0 for its design. It has a unique exterior and interior that many people will love.

Now that you’ve heard just a little bit of what the 4Runner has to offer, it should be time to schedule your test-drive. You will not truly be able to experience the joy that this model has to offer until you get behind the wheel yourself. The local dealership is most likely waiting for you to schedule your appointment with a sales associate. You may be able to drive one of these performance models home today.

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