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Inside the New Toyota HiLux

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The 2017 Toyota HiLux is a one of a kind model. Crafted with both beauty and utility in mind, it’s sure to please even the toughest car buyer. You’ll walk away from the dealership satisfied and ready to tackle whatever roads you come across. With its new 5-star rated diesel engine, it gives you the possibility to drive anytime, anywhere.

The exterior is sleek and comes in a number of different colors – from your classic black or white, to a nice orange – giving you the ability to choose a HiLux that not only suits your road needs but your style needs as well.

Under the hood, you can expect a 5 or 6 speed automatic or manual transmission. For all of those hot days, the HiLux comes equipped with a cool AC system. Your audio options include a CD player, USB hookup, Bluetooth connectivity and an AM/FM radio – all pumping through a four-speaker audio system. You’ll never be bored in your HiLux.

Performance Specs

The HiLux boasts one of the biggest variety of available body styles on the ute market. You can choose between a single-cab, double-cab, or extra cab. If you want just the cab, you have that option or you can choose to turn your HiLux into a Pick-Up. If you don’t feel the need to have 4WD, a 2WD model is available. You can even upgrade the 2WD model to a Hi-Rider – giving you extra ground clearance if you want it.

In terms of engine options, there are four. You can choose between a 2.4-litre four-cylinder, a 2.8-litre four-cylinder, a 4.0-litre petrol V6 or a 2.7-litre four-cylinder petrol. The 2.7 petrol is only available with 2WD. Auto gearboxes are six-speed, while manual gearboxes allow you to choose between five or six speed.

Safety and Entertainment Features

If one of your main wants is a ute equipped with all the latest technology trimmings, the HiLux might leave a little to be desired. Bluetooth with voice recognition come standard on every model, but if you want things like a 7.0-inch touchscreen, you’ll have to upgrade. Upgrading will also get you Toyota Links, a 220-volt outlet so you can charge your laptop in no time, and satellite navigation to help when you do a little bit of off-roading.

Safety features are where Toyota put most of its focus, knowing that you’re likely looking for a utility vehicle over a family vehicle, although the HiLux can easily be both. A reversing camera comes standard, helping you navigate any terrain while backing up. Electronic Stability helps you take back control of the HiLux if you go into a skid. Although standard on all passenger cars now, it is not standard on utes, giving the HiLux a leg up on the competition. It goes hand in hand with the Electronic Traction Control, which is also on all models.

If you’re pulling a trailer, you’ll be happy to know that Trailer Sway Control will be there to help stabilise your vehicle if the trailer is unsteady. Although, legally, the HiLux is rated to carry less than other utes, it’s still able to carry at least 740kg in its tray, depending on the model you choose. In terms of towing, you can haul anywhere between 2500kg and 3500kg, again based on the model you choose.

How It Stacks Up Against the Competition

Although the HiLux is a well-built ute, there are some models that outrank it if you are looking for specific features for your vehicle.

If you’re looking for better performance, a Volkswagen Amarok or Ford Ranger might be better. The Amarok comes with full-time 4WD (the HiLux only has part time), making it more reliable and safe to drive when taken off road. The Ranger comes with active cruise control to adjust your speed based on the cars around you, and forward collision warning to warn you of an impending accident, as well as a beefier diesel engine. Both the Amarok and Ranger come with heated front seats for added comfort.
Fuel Efficiency

The newest of technology and power-driving capabilities allow for the best in fuel ratings and efficiency among the HiLux. Toyota’s entire line-up of cars has been rated the most efficient from some of the top auto industry experts since 2012. Over the years, the love for Toyota’s fuel efficiency has only grown among both critics and consumers. Hard work and innovation in vehicle design, as well as efficient use of the most modern technological advancements, have made such achievements a modern reality.

The most popular model, the 2.8 diesel, consumes between 7.3 to 9.0 litres/100km. The variables that affect this are the type of road you are driving on, as well as the body style and gearbox you use. If you’re hauling, expect to use up significantly more gas, as well as if you choose an automatic version.

Pros and Cons

The positive factors outweigh the negative factors in this case, yet the negative ones must be accounted for nonetheless. Although minimal, there are a few to simply keep in mind before you make a final decision to purchase. Considering the size of the utility truck, as is the case with most vehicles of this size, you may not be able to fit this vehicle under more narrow tunnels and roads of an older nature. Driving up narrow mountain roads without side walls may pose a threat and a challenge, a fact which all drivers need to consider.

If you’re seeking a comfortable, every day ride for your family, the HiLux probably won’t be for you. The interior is minimal, especially the trimmings, and the entertainment features are almost non-existent compared to some other models out there. The HiLux simply wasn’t made to be a family car all the time.

Now, if you’re looking for a powerful, reliable vehicle that can fight through some of the heaviest road conditions, the HiLux is a ute to consider. With the variety of engines available, the safety features, the customized exterior and tough as nails chassis, it’s a vehicle built to be a road warrior. Haul what you want, where you want with considerable ease. Sure, some vehicles might be able to haul more, but it won’t necessarily be at the ease the HiLux provides. Built to be a workhorse, it’s sure to perform.

Before you make your final decision, go out and test drive the new 2017 Toyota HiLux to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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