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Lab Created Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds: Can People Tell the Difference?

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Diamonds are one of the world’s most sought-after treasures. And when it comes to jewelry, they’re the ultimate gemstone. But recently, traditional diamonds have become less popular. In their place, a new type of diamond is capturing the world’s attention. It’s more affordable, and you can find it with a search online.

Lab created diamonds are exploding in popularity. Conflict-free and budget-friendly, lab created diamonds are essentially equal to all other diamonds. And they’re such good quality that no one can tell the difference between a lab diamond and a traditional diamond – including jewelers. If you’re interested in these affordable diamonds, you can find lab created gems with an online search right now.

Trying to decide if a lab created diamond is the right choice? Here’s what these traditional diamond alternatives can offer.

What is a Lab Created Diamond?

Lab created diamonds aren’t found in nature. These man-made diamonds are gemstones grown in controlled laboratory environments.

And lab created diamonds are specially engineered to be just like a traditional diamond. They’re created in a highly technological process that mimics the way diamonds form in nature. 

Instead of developing under pressure in the mantle of the Earth’s crust, lab created diamonds form from carbon atoms. These atoms are sourced from pre-existing natural diamonds – giving them a “heart” that’s all real. Then, the carbon atoms take the same structure as a traditional diamond. Extreme pressure and heat, or a special process called CVD, then turns those atoms into a sparkling diamond.

And at the end of the process, lab created diamonds are essentially the same as natural diamonds. Made from the exact same chemical properties, lab created diamonds look and feel the same. The stones even reflect the same fire and sparkle.

How Do Lab Created Diamonds Compare to Real Diamonds?

Quality. It’s one of the biggest concerns people have when choosing between traditional diamonds and lab created diamonds. 

Lab created diamonds are as real and authentic as traditional, natural diamonds. They feature the same hardness, which makes them perfect for heirloom jewelry and standout pieces like engagement rings. Lab diamonds also feature the exact same chemical properties as natural diamonds.

And when it comes to appearance, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a lab diamond and a natural diamond. Lab created diamonds sparkle just like natural diamonds. They feature the same dazzling brilliance, sparkly fire, and stunning reflection of light. 

Even expert jewelers and gemologists can’t see the difference between a natural stone and a lab-created one. The only way to distinguish a lab created diamond from a natural diamond is with special equipment.

Lab diamonds come in the same cuts and shapes as natural diamonds. You can choose from traditional standards, like emerald, oval, or cushion cut gemstones. Even colored lab created diamonds exist, meaning you can choose from pink, yellow, or traditional white diamonds.

Ultimately, if you choose a lab created diamond, you can be confident that your diamond is just as much of a “real” diamond as those that grow naturally in the Earth!

Lab Created Diamonds Are Not Diamond Simulants

Lab created diamonds are as real as natural, traditional diamonds. And they aren’t diamond simulants.

Many people confuse lab created diamonds with diamond simulants. However, the two are dramatically different. Diamond simulants are stones that look similar to diamonds – like cubic zirconia and moissanite. However, diamond simulants feature no true carbon crystals. 

Because they contain zero carbon, simulants aren’t the same as natural diamonds. They don’t have the same chemical or physical properties. And the difference is often obvious to the naked eye. It’s easy to tell that simulants don’t have the same sparkle, crystal structure, or even brilliant white color as diamonds.

And lab created diamonds stand out from simulants just like natural diamonds do. Like any true diamond, lab created diamonds will sparkle differently, shine differently, and clearly look white in color. It’s all thanks to the carbon they share with natural diamonds.

The Cost of Lab Created Diamonds

Diamonds are incredibly expensive. But that’s exactly why so many people are turning to lab created diamonds.

In 2016, the average cost of a diamond engagement ring totaled $6,163. And that shocking number shows a more than 20 percent price increase since 2011. Diamonds are only getting more expensive, making jewelry an unattainable luxury.

Lab created diamonds aren’t any different from natural diamonds – but they are a lot cheaper. Lab created diamonds aren’t as rare as natural diamonds. And this makes them far more affordable.

In comparing lab diamonds to natural diamonds from top jewelers, CreditDonkey discovered that choosing a lab created diamond can save you between 20 and 35 percent.

Traditional diamonds can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,500 more than lab created diamonds – or potentially even more. Why spend thousands of additional dollars when you could save as much as 35 percent on the very same diamond?

Lab Created Diamonds Are Rising in Popularity

More people are choosing lab created diamonds than ever before. They’re becoming the top choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and other types of jewelry. And it’s easy to understand why.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, don’t think a natural diamond is your only option. A lab created diamond is exactly the same – with a lower price tag.

And you can easily find lab created diamonds today. You can search for lab created diamonds online, compare prices, and potentially save a fortune by forgoing natural diamonds.




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