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Must-See Holiday Deals on Makeup and Cosmetics

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By Heather Fishel

One of the biggest gift categories every holiday season? Makeup and cosmetics. Whether you’re a beauty fan yourself or are shopping for the perfect gift for someone who is, there are plenty of awesome makeup gifts you can find. And, even more importantly, they’re often affordably price.

During the holiday season, retailers trying to attract shoppers with special deals and discounts on cosmetics. They’ll sell special gift sets and bundles, offer deals on everyday items, and lower prices on all kinds of products. So, if you’re shopping for anyone who enjoys makeup, this is a great season to find the perfect git.

And right now, holiday deals are already appearing. Popular cosmetic products, like foundation, mascara, and moisturizer, are seeing discounts and affordable pricing. The following are some of these great deals.

Moisturizer Deals

All Target Moisturizers: Spend $25, Get a $5 Giftcard

Target is offering a special bonus deal for a wide selection of beauty products: every one of its moisturizers.

That’s right, Target is giving shoppers an extra bonus just for purchasing any brand of moisturizer. If you spend $25 on moisturizers within its beauty products selection, you’ll get a bonus $5 gift card to use on your next Target purchase. That means you’ll have an extra gift card to bundle with your gift or to save money on future gifts.

And you can choose from a wide selection of moisturizers. Beloved brands like Neutrogena, CeraVe, Cetaphil, and L’Oreal are all included in this bonus offer. You can also pick up more advanced moisturizers, like anti-aging formulas by Olay. 

Neutrogena Moisturizers: Buy 1, Get 1 40 Percent Off

Ulta is one of the best places to buy cosmetics – prices are always reasonable, and there’s always some kind of special or deal going on. And right now, all Neutrogena moisturizers are seeing big discounts.

Ulta is offering a buy one, get one deal. If you purchase one Neutrogena moisturizer, you’ll get 40 percent off a second Neutrogena moisturizer. It applies to popular beauty products like Neutrogena Hydro Gel Boost, a deeply moisturizing everyday product, and anti-aging moisturizers and serums like Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Regenerating Cream and Hydro Boost City Shield.

Foundation Deals

Revlon Foundation: Buy 1, Get 1 50 Percent Off

Foundation is a critical product in anyone’s beauty kit. And if you’re looking to gift foundation to anyone this holiday season, CVS is offering a fantastic buy one, get one promotion.

At your local CVS and online via the CVS website, all Revlon foundations are on sale right now. If you buy one Revlon foundation, you can get a second for 50 percent off. These products, which are normally priced around $15 each, are seeing discounts of $6 or $7.

And this impressive foundation deal includes products like:

Ulta Foundation: Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Here’s another excellent Ulta deal on one of the most-used makeup products: Ulta foundation. This retailer’s own brand of foundation in a variety of shades and skin tones is currently being offered as part of a buy two, get one deal.

If you purchase two products of any Ulta brand foundation, you can get a third foundation for free. This almost-BOGO offer includes all kinds of foundations and foundation-like products, such as primer, liquid concealer, foundation sticks, setting powder, and so many more items.

Mascara Deals

L’Oreal Mascara: 2 for $12

Here’s another great deal available at CVS stores and the CVS website. All L’Oreal mascaras are on sale right now, discounted to special low prices for a limited time. All L’Oreal mascara products are each $6, or you can buy two mascaras for $12.

That’s a nearly 50 percent discount – these quality mascaras are usually priced at $10 each. And right now, you can get them for far less. The sale includes products like:

Revlon Mascara: Buy 1, Get 1 50 Percent Off

Like the Revlon foundation deal happening right now, CVS is also marking down other Revlon beauty and cosmetic products. And you can get a great deal on Revlon mascara if you act quickly.

All Revlon mascaras available at CVS stores and on the CVS website are buy one, get one 50 percent off. Normally priced at around $9 or $10 per mascara, these Revlon cosmetics offer serious savings as part of this BOGO offer. You can pick up any Revlon mascara, including:

Search Online to Find the Best Holiday Makeup Deals

The deals and sale events mentioned here are only a selection of the special discounts available on makeup and cosmetic products. If you’re shopping for gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season, it’s important to remember that more and more deals can appear as Christmas draws nearer.

And sometimes, prices drop even more as the holidays arrive. Make sure to keep an eye out online for retailers offering even better sales and discounts. You should compare prices and look at what retailers are offering to see if you can save even more on top makeup products.

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Heather Fishel



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