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Sedans with Best Interiors for 2016

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While it’s very nice when a car accelerates swiftly when you step on the gas pedal, or looks great from the outside, if the interior cannot make you feel like you are in second heaven when inside there, perhaps you need to look for a more suitable vehicle.  The truth is that when you’re out there in the showroom or car shopping online, it’s quite easy to get totally mixed-up in all of those details, figures, and facts – but when you’re searching for the top sedan interiors for 2016, we have you covered with our reviews.

Here are some of the top sedan interiors for 2016:

Audi A6

According to expert reviews, the 2016 Audi A6 ranks among the most well-rounded midsize luxury sedans available today. The A6’s exquisite interior, utility features, and plentiful technology make it a favorite luxury sedan. As would be expected of a premium sedan, the Audi A6 is comfortable, yet quick in reflexes for the enthusiast driver.

For 2016, the car has received several welcome luxury features that include an update to the MMI infotainment system that now has USB connectivity and slight changes in styling. For its class, the Audi A6 has been rated as having one of the coolest cabins and is a great investment coming with a MSRP of between $46,200 and $70,900.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta 2016 model is an awesome urban vehicle whose interior offers upscale quality for this particular segment. Cabin components have an excellent finish and a good fit, and even the materials made of plastic are of top quality. The MSRP ranges between $14,580 and $21,460 is a good bargain.

The Fiesta’s interior comes with plenty of small-item storage. When you are inside, the visibility is excellent thanks to the sedan’s slim roof pillars. For the 2016 model, the options list has been bolstered by the inclusion of the latest Sync 3 infotainment system from Ford. In sum, the 2016 Ford Fiesta is a quality, affordable yet fun-packed transportation with commendable utility features.

Honda Fit

Reviewers have observed that for a subcompact car, the cabin of the 2016 Honda Fit is built with quality upscale materials. For this class, the rear-seat legroom is quite generous and the roomy cargo hold is impressive while the cargo-carrying capability is very versatile. With a MSRP of between $15,890 and $21,165, Fit is a good choice, especially if you need a car with big space, comfort, refinement, modest luxury features, but with a small car footprint.

The 2016 Fit has been completely redesigned to bolster what was already a marvel of space-efficient design from last year. The spacious cargo volume coupled with the ultra-handy rear seat that can be folded completely flat are unparalleled by any of its closest rivals. None of the subcompact competitors can beat the Honda Fit’s rear seat space.

Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent of 2016 has done nearly everything that you could ask of an inexpensive, small car. The Accent’s body style offers a surprising cargo carrying capacity. The sedan has an attractive interior styling and very user-friendly controls.

According to most auto reviewers, the audio and climate controls of the Honda Accent are well positioned and user-friendly. If you’re looking for a subcompact whose MSRP ranges between $14,745 and $17,495, the 2016 Accent is worth looking into.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper redesigned car of 2016 breathes new life into this class of subcompact vehicles with a cheeky style, extensive options as well as a sporty driving experience. Fewer cars in this category are more fun to own or drive. With the newly introduced 4-door model, you will not have to skip this unique car because it previously only had 2 doors. The 2016 Mini Cooper brings an added practicality that is welcome.

Despite a price tag (MSRP $20,700 – $30,600) that may be considered as being above that of similar subcompacts, the Mini Cooper’s almost endless customization options, luxury features, and overall quality makes it very worthwhile.

Ford Focus

The 2016 Focus may not qualify as the greatest or latest entry in this popular car segment, but it certainly remains a top recommendation because of its enjoyable driving experience and overall refinement. Its handling and ride are of particular note, as auto-maker Ford has tuned the 2016 model to give an appealing and welcome balance of driver engagement and comfort.

In addition, the Focus is offering plenty of special offers in terms of high-tech features. For example, it gains the new Sync 3 infotainment interface from Ford, and the interior materials are top-notch. For a MSRP of between $17,225 and $35,900, the Focus is very attractive in styling and the interior material quality is certainly high-end.

Honda Accord

The interior styling of the Honda Accord has been refreshed for 2016, and it now comes with a contemporary handsome design. The Accord is roomy, easy to drive and safe, and with its new updates, boasts of a distinctive fresh styling. It offers new features like the availability of Android Auto smartphone app and Apple CarPlay integration.

The 2016 model is an excellent choice for driving your family around or commuting. Special offers include plenty of high-tech infotainment features to keep you connected on the go. The interior is upscale with high-end materials all around, roomy, and comfortable seats. For hauling luggage, groceries, or sports gear, ample room in the trunk is available. The MSRP price range is between $22,000 and $35,000.

Final Verdict

No matter the car’s make and model, the ingredients of a family sedan really haven’t changed much in decades. However, what has changed is how adept the automakers are becoming at combining multiple features into a quality and affordable package. The top sedans for 2016 combine economy, convenience and utility, as well as a dash of class and style to complement high performance.

You may not consider the interior features as a potential make-or-break car feature, but the fact is that you are going to be spending a considerable amount of your time inside there. Therefore, it makes lots of sense to pay close attention to which make and model suits your needs best in terms of interior features.





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