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The 5 Best Deodorants for Women

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If you’ve noticed coworkers avoiding your cubicle or chairs sitting empty on either side of you at happy hour, your deodorant may not be getting the job done. Making a change could do wonders for your confidence.

There’s one big myth about body odor: Sweat causes the bad smells. In truth, bacteria is really the culprit. Antiperspirants prevent you from sweating. Deodorants merely neutralize odor. Most products are a combination of both. Here are five best-sellers that could have you smelling fresher and more feminine by tomorrow.

Dove Invisible Solid Antiperspirant

This alcohol-free formula contains 25 percent skin moisturizer and glides on smoothly. It is recommended by dermatologists, and it’s nonirritating even when it’s applied immediately after shaving. Original Clean is the signature scent of Dove soap. Fresh is another fragrance option, and both are quite mild.

The clear formula won’t leave chalky residue behind, so feel free to wear black or go sleeveless. Since the antiperspirant lasts up to 24 hours, there’s no need to reapply it between showers. Many reviewers mention that it doesn’t transfer to their clothing. Most negative remarks pertain to unclear wording on the package.

Dove partners with charities that provide programs to raise young women’s self-esteem and help them realize their full potential. A portion of every purchase is donated to the cause.

Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel

Fans of this antiperspirant swear by its 48-hour performance — even in intensely hot, humid conditions. Micro-absorber technology keeps you dry and odor-free even after a workout in the gym or strenuous outdoor activity.

The clear gel oozes through tiny openings on top of the applicator and glides on without being sticky, too wet, or too dry. Even if it makes contact with your clothing before it dries completely, it doesn’t leave a stain.

Many fans praise Lady Speed Stick’s cool, soothing texture. It doesn’t sting or cause redness if you apply it after shaving. A few reviewers who used to use hypoallergenic deodorants claim that they get better results using this product.

The scents — Powder Fresh, Shower Fresh and Fresh Fusion — are light and neutral rather than cloyingly sweet. They won’t compete with your perfume, and all but a few women appreciate that.

This is an excellent product for active women who tend to perspire heavily.

Degree Women Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

Users appreciate the 48-hour, advanced-strength protection against wetness and odor. They have Degree’s unique MotionSense technology to thank.

The product breaks down into thousands of microcapsules that sit on the surface of your skin. Friction opens them up to release the antiperspirant and fragrance. Simply put, you get a fresh dose of product every time you move.

Almost all reviewers are enthusiastic about Degree’s performance. A lot of women who once used clinical-strength deodorants have switched to Degree.

However, not all are fans of the stick’s texture and scent. A few women have found the product dry and chalky. Some say that it transferred to their clothing and left white marks.

Degree is available in two fragrances, Shower Clean and Fresh Energy. Shower Clean has notes of rose and jasmine, and Fresh Energy smells of wild berries and lily of the valley. Both scents are a little sweeter than most, and women with special sensitivity to smell find them hard to tolerate.

Still, reviews are overwhelmingly favorable.

Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant

Secret has been a trusted brand since 1956 when it was launched by Procter & Gamble as the first deodorant exclusively for women.

The formula is pH balanced to work with natural chemistry for wetness and odor protection. Although the name doesn’t mention Secret Invisible Solid acting as an antiperspirant, the manufacturer’s description says that it’s formulated to combat perspiration. The solid stick goes on clear and is never irritating.

Reviewers are largely satisfied with Secret. Most give its various fragrances high marks for being light and fresh, but not unpleasantly floral. Scent choices include Shower Fresh, Powder Fresh, Spring Breeze, and Completely Clean. There is also an unscented variety.

Secret gets a few complaints about the dial mechanisms that advance the deodorant since they sometimes break off.

Honest Company Deodorant

This product is the priciest of the five, but it’s all-natural, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic.

The formula doesn’t fight perspiration, but it combats the bacteria associated with odor. The ingredients include essentials oils such as witch hazel, lemon, organic tea tree, and eucalyptus. Aloe is added to sooth the skin.

The fragrances, Vetiver, Lavender Vanilla and Bergamot Sage, were formulated to be unisex. A handful of female reviewers think that they smell too manly, but remarks on the performance and scents are mostly favorable. The product isn’t sticky and doesn’t stain clothing.

Honest Company Deodorant is something of an investment. A four-ounce atomizer may cost anywhere from $15 to $20.

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