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The 5 Best Paper Towels

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As you go through your day, there are hundreds of little life conveniences that you take for granted. While you would certainly miss them if they were gone, you don’t stop and notice how nice it is to have a working refrigerator or quality kitchen tools, for example.

Almost every family has preferences for their favorite products, from orange juice to toilet paper, and different features stand out when you’re shopping for the basics. When it comes to paper towels, things like design and price make a difference, but the absorbency level is the most important feature of this product. When spills happen, you want to have paper towels that can handle the job.

The good news is that there is a variety of quality paper towel products across all the major brands, and you can find your favorite by comparing the feature list of each one.

Bounty Select-a-Size

This trustworthy brand has dozens of different options, but this product is one of the best paper towels in their line for strength and performance. With its textured diamond pattern, this paper towel picks up with the best of them and can handle a lot of scrubbing abuse without falling apart.

Bounty Select-a-Size is designed to get the job done without wasting large sheets on small spills, and you can tear off exactly as much product as you need with the smaller sections of toweling between perforations.

You can purchase Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels at Walmart, Target, or any major retailer in the United States. Expect to pay roughly $12 for a package of six rolls of these paper towels.

Brawny Pick-a-Size

When it comes to both consumer reviews and formal product testing, this paper towel is a favorite and is a great all-around performer for a wide variety of clean-up situations. The paper towels are 11 inches tall, and the perforations land every six inches, so you can tear off a little or a lot depending on your needs.

The sheets are both highly absorbent and strong, and users found that Brawny Pick-a-Size works well for both absorbing wet spills, and wiping or scrubbing more intensive messes. In addition, the weave is so soft that you could get away with using these as a tissue in a pinch.

Brawny Pick-a-Size paper towels are easily available as they are carried by any department or drug store in your area. For people who like to shop at home, you can order a six-pack of this brand on Amazon for around $17.

Sparkle with Thirst Pockets

If you want not only performance but style, Sparkle is the paper towel brand for you. Not only do the Sparkle with Thirst Pockets towels get the job done, but they also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match any kitchen decor.

You can certainly buy them plain with an embossed geometric pattern to catch spills, but these popular towels also come with color embossing and various fun prints. Customers have given rave reviews to Sparkle with Thirst Pockets, specifically noting high satisfaction with both aesthetics and performance for this product.

When you’re out and about shopping, you can find Sparkle at Target, Walmart, and Staples. People who prefer shopping online can buy them at Amazon,, or Jet. Sparkle is one of the more affordable brands featured, and you can purchase a double pack of plain white towels for around $4.

Scott Choose-a-Sheet

Sometimes, pure reliability rules the day, and Scott Choose-a-Sheet paper towels provide just that without a lot of pomp or fuss.

The ridged design lends itself to both absorbency and strength without trying to be overly fancy. These are strong towels that can scrub while wet, and they don’t leave lint in their wake when the job is done. In a simple soak test, they don’t suck up water quite as fast as some other choices, but will hold plenty once they start to wick moisture.

You can purchase Scott Choose-a-Sheet on Amazon where a six-roll pack sells for around $17. They are also available at any other retailer that carries Scott products, including Walmart and Target.

Viva Soft and Strong

Designed to mimic both the function and feel of a cloth, Viva Soft and Strong is a favorite with people who appreciate a pleasant texture in their paper towels.

There isn’t an embossed design for absorbency like some other brands, but you will instead notice a nubby texture that creates a spongy surface to absorb moisture and spills. These towels can handle a lot, and some reviewers even report that they stayed together through an entire machine wash and dry cycle when accidentally left in clothing.

If you want full sheets or the ability to select a smaller size, Viva Soft and Strong sells versions of this towel with both designs. This brand is reasonably affordable, and you can find six packs for under $10 at any retailer that carries Viva or on online marketplaces like Amazon.

Paper towels aren’t the most glamorous product, but they provide a quick and easy way to get unpleasant jobs done, so most households find them essential conveniences. No matter what your priorities are, there is a perfect paper towel for you, with options that shine in both price and performance. Understanding how you normally use paper towels will help you determine which of the above picks is right for your family.

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