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The Best Crossover SUVs in Australia for 2017

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There are many new options for people wishing to purchase a crossover vehicle in 2017. A crossover vehicle, or CUV, differs from an SUV in that a crossover vehicle is built on the chassis of a car while an SUV is built on a truck chassis. Crossovers are all one piece, while SUVs are a combination of frame and body. The CUV blends various qualities of both a car and an SUV, without some of the problems that are associated with either vehicle.

They are compact and useful for a large variety of purposes, including transportation of people as well as heavy loads. They are also a good option for those of you who are concerned about the environment, because many crossover vehicles offer various options and add-ons, especially if you are conscious of fuel economy and your carbon footprint. If you prefer the fuel efficiency and more compact nature of a car, but also need room for storage and hauling, a CUV might be just the kind of vehicle you are looking for.

Porsche Macan

If you’re looking for an affordable option, you may be surprised to see the name Porsche on this list. The Porsche Macan is a great option for those who don’t want to give up style, speed, and the joy of the road in exchange for a more practical vehicle. One of the issues with the Macan is soft brakes, which is an unfamiliar problem for those who know the Porsche name, but otherwise this CUV has received rave reviews from professionals and laymen alike.

The Macan has it all, and even better, this crossover was one of the highest-rated crossover cars by the editors of Car and Driver in 2017. There’s no need to abandon your love of fast cars for a more useful vehicle, as the Macan offers both, and is a very enjoyable ride on all counts. If a combination of practicality and speed sound like your kind of thing, the Macan starts at $76,160.

Tesla Model X

There’s been a lot of talk about Tesla in the last few years. This car is environmentally sound and also includes an autopilot option. It even has falcon wing doors, similar to the gullwing doors on the DeLorean of your Back to the Future fantasies. These doors aren’t just cool, they’re practical; if you are wedged into a tight parking space, they lift up and away, needing only about a foot in order to clear the vehicle. The opening is large enough that people and larger items can fit in through the doors.

The Model X is a futuristic crossover that will inspire your dreams of a better tomorrow, and make you feel like you just might be able to travel in time. It also offers many options related to environmental awareness, and is considered one of the greenest cars on the road today. The price of this car is steep, since it retails at $125,000, but for those with the money and incentive to purchase a futuristic vehicle, the Model X is a fantastic choice.

Kia Soul

For those of us not rolling around in piles of money, the Kia Soul is a highly-rated crossover at a price point that won’t break the bank. The 2017 model has been completely redesigned and is available at a mid-range price. It has huge windows and comfortable seats that are more reminiscent of the lounge at home than a vehicle. US World and News Report ranks it at #1 among Compact Cars. The Soul is one of the most popular crossover vehicles in the United States.

Retailing at around $26,000, this vehicle has not been as popular in Australia as in other places around the world, the United States in particular. Since the Kia Soul is the flagship crossover car for the company, it is surprising that the vehicle has not seen more interest in the Australian market as of yet. Some people think it may be due to the design, as not everyone prefers a boxy vehicle.

However, its spacious interior and decent road handling make it a good choice for those looking for a mid-range crossover car. Since it is very spacious, it is a great option if you need a vehicle for transportation, and would be a good choice for college students or those needing to take multiple people on a road trip.

Mazda CX-3

This brings us to the budget crossover on our list, the Mazda CX-3. Retailing at $19,990, it is a lot of car for a bargain price. Australia has had a love affair with Mazda for a long time, and it’s no different for the 2017 options with this perennial favourite. Sleek and stylish, the classic look of the CX-3 has charmed the public for some time. The practicality and affordability of the Mazda CX-3 only add to its appeal for those who are looking for a simple and inexpensive ride.

The CX-3 has a very wide range of options, from the manual Neo, to the Maxx, to the all-wheel-drive Akari. There are more add-ons and options than you can shake a stick at, including multimedia and smart options, a reversing camera, and app integration. The CX-3 line isn’t very spacious, and with only two cup holders in the front your rear passengers will have to do without.

There’s also a false floor in the small boot where you can hide your valuables. Customers report that it’s a fun car to drive; a vehicle that will get you from point A to point B with ease and without breaking the bank.

Crossover cars are a great choice for people who enjoy the ruggedness of an SUV and its hauling capabilities, but want the compact nature of a car. Some of the most unique design innovations are available with crossovers, and they run the gamut from no-nonsense practicality to smart technology.

Some of the issues faced by SUVs are not a problem for CUVs, such as the tipping problem, because CUVs are closer to the ground and are of a unibody style. Additionally, the environmentally-conscious will prefer CUVs as they offer a greener driving experience, especially when it comes to Tesla or similar models.

Crossover vehicles are a good option as a daily driver, or to use for work if you need to haul equipment. They are also ideal for road trips and family outings, or just driving to the beach to enjoy the day. Practical and cool, crossover cars are the next step in the evolution of the automobile.

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