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The Best Diapers for Your Infant

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Few parents put a lot of thought into changing their baby’s diaper, but it’s one of the parenting tasks that you will do multiple times as your baby grows. Diapers are one of the most expensive parts of having a baby, with the average family spending $80 per month on disposable diapering products. When you consider that your child is likely to be in diapers for between 24 and 36 months, that adds up to thousands of dollars just to keep your baby’s backside clean and dry. Luckily, smart shopping can ensure that every diaper dollar is well spent on products that meet your needs.

Every family has different priorities, and no two people will choose the same diapers for the same reasons. Still, most parents find that the best diapers combine good fit with top performance at a reasonable price. Because diapers are worn on the body, what works for your chunky baby might not be the best choice for an infant that has thin legs, for example. However, some brands work well for a wide variety of babies, making them the best all-around picks.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards

Getting high marks for affordability, Luvs are a top choice for parents who report budgeting as their number one priority when shopping for diapers. Luvs Ultra Leakguards don’t have a lot of the fancy features of more pricier brands, but they can hold a lot and fit most babies well, making them a reliable performer. This brand doesn’t leave lint on delicate areas, and the stretchy tabs and soft fabric cover make these diapers comfortable for your little ones.

Be aware that Luvs have quite a distinctive baby powder scent, and it may be a bit overbearing for some parents or cause sensitivity if your infant experiences contact allergies. In addition, this brand is more prone to compression leaking when the diaper has been worn for extended hours such as during nap time or overnight. However, most parents find the 12 to 15 cents per diaper price tag well worth any occasional downsides. Luvs Ultra Leakguards come in 7 sizes, fitting babies from 4 to around 40 lbs.

Pampers Baby Dry

Widely considered the gold standard of disposable diapers, you’ve probably tried Pampers if you had a hospital birth as they are usually what the staff supplies in your baby care kit. Pamper’s Baby Dry diapers are feature packed, so it’s no wonder that so many parents choose to continue purchasing this product once they bring home baby. They are on the more expensive side at around 20 cents per change, but Pampers rarely disappoint in quality and performance.

With a triple layer core, Pampers Baby Dry diapers do well for overnight wear, resisting leakage even under the most challenging situations. You can also tell when your baby is wet by looking at the color changing stripe that runs down the middle of the diaper. The strategically placed elastic channels provide plenty of protection against blow outs by containing messes at both the legs and the back, and the extensive size range covers babies from birth to potty training.

Earth’s Best Tender Care

Parents are more aware of the chemicals that go into baby products than at any other time in history, and eco-friendly disposable diapers are becoming a top pick for earth loving families. Earth’s Best Tender Care diapers provide great performance without resorting to chlorine or other chemicals. They aren’t a budget diaper, but at approximately 22 cents per diaper, they are comparable to other luxury diaper brands.

While no diaper makes the list that doesn’t contain your baby’s business, the main features that make Earth’s Best Tender Care diapers stand out are what they don’t have. This choice is the top pick for any baby that has allergies or sensitivities to perfumes and dyes as they are hypoallergenic – there’s no latex in the elastic. You can still expect all the features that make a diaper perform well, including stretchy, repositionable tabs and a comfortable outer shell, so this pick is the perfect pairing of ethics and reliability. Earth’s Best has a size range that fits babies from birth to over 35 lbs.

G Diapers

For those that want the benefits of using cloth diapers while still having the ease of disposables, G Diapers combine the best of both worlds with their hybrid diaper system. This unique diapering option pairs a washable outer shell with absorbent liners that are either cloth or disposable, so you can choose what system works best for you depending on your schedule for any particular day. The liners snap or tuck into the diaper shell which only needs machine washing when soiled.

Most parents find that they can get by with 6 to 12 outer covers if using this system full time, and you can purchase a try me bundle for $35 that contains two covers and 20 disposable inserts. The disposable inserts are eco-friendly and can be either flushed or composted after use to keep your carbon footprint under control. Of course, adding several dozen cloth inserts will make your G Diapers completely reusable if you don’t mind the additional load of laundry every day.

Like most cloth systems, expect to pay more upfront for G Diapers, with the return on your initial investment coming over the first few months of using this system. Consider a combination of both disposable and washable inserts for the most manageable and flexible diapering system on the market.

Diapering might not be the most glamorous part of parenting, but it’s a necessary task to keep your little angel clean, healthy and thriving. While it’s not uncommon for parents to cycle through a handful of diaper brands before choosing their favorite, you can find the best diapers for your infant with a minimum of trial and error. Whether you need to keep costs under control or have a high focus on social responsibility, one of these top diapers is sure to become your favorite brand.

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