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The Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

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More retirees and senior citizens are taking part-time jobs than ever before. Some seniors need the income for living expenses. Others want to supplement their retirement savings or invest in future generations. Still others just like the activity and socialization.

If one of those scenarios describes you, check out these lucrative, fulfilling opportunities.

Driving for Uber or Lyft

Many seniors are choosing to drive for ride-sharing companies like Uber or Lyft as it allows them to earn money at their own pace. You get to set your own schedule, work as long as you like, and take breaks whenever you want.

Considering these companies are eager to sign up new drivers, they are offering impressive bonuses to new drivers. Lyft guarantees $2,500 a month to new drivers while Uber has been guaranteeing $2,100. A recent study showed that the median hourly earnings for an Uber driver is $14.73, although pay does vary by city.

Office Worker

If you worked in a busy office during your career, you may miss the ringing telephones and sense of urgency.

There are numerous office jobs to choose from. If you like interacting with people, consider a receptionist’s position. If you’re a speedy typist and work well under pressure, you might like being an admin assistant. Put your math skills to work as a bookkeeper or accountant.

You may need to brush up on your computer skills. Best to inquire at your local library or community college. You might luck into a free crash course.

Here’s a helpful formula for converting annual salaries to hourly rates. Based on a 40-hour work week, there are 2080 working hours in a year. Divide annual salaries by that figure, and you’ll see what you can expect to make per hour. A salary of $40,000 per year, for example, breaks down to $19.23 per hour. If you work 25 hours a week, you’ll earn about $481 before taxes.

Wages are based on the level of education and experience required for any given position. Receptionists earn anywhere from $9.50 to $16.50 per hour. Admin assistants earn closer to $20 per hour on average.

Is the idea of working remotely from home in your pajamas appealing to you? Many employers allow that.

Real Estate Agent

Even part-time jobs in real estate can be highly lucrative. Moreover, you set your own hours, meet all kinds of people, and learn a great deal about the city in which you live. If you’re energetic and outgoing, this is right up your alley.

Realtors negotiate a share of the commission on sales, typically six percent, with their brokers. Agents get anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of the commission from each sale. If you negotiated a 40 percent share with your broker, for instance, you’d gross $6,000 on a house that sold for $250,000.

In most states, the minimum requirement for a license is a high school diploma or GED certificate. Best to do an Internet search to find out what’s required where you live.

Convenient, affordable courses are offered online to prepare you for taking the exam and getting your license. You can study any time at your own pace, but make sure that the program you choose is fully accredited.

Cruise Ship Staff

Cruise ships need to fill a ton of jobs. These include servers, bartenders, chefs, concierges, babysitters, tour guides, language translators, activities directors, medical personnel, casino workers, photographers, yoga instructors, tango teachers, and beauticians.

Employment contracts on ships are usually flexible. The workweek is close to 40 hours, but you can sign up for a couple of months at a time and take long breaks between trips. Room and board are free, and most cruise lines cover the round-trip airfare. Plus, there are deep discounts for family members you bring along.

In some positions, gratuities almost double your pay. Here are some average monthly earnings before tips:

  1. Assistant Waiter: $1,835
  2. Head Waiter: $3,200
  3. Maitre d’: $4,000
  4. Bartender: $1,800 to $2,500
  5. Beautician: $2,000 to $2,400
  6. Customer service representative: $1,600 to $2,400

Church Worker

Modern churches have a surprising number of diverse opportunities. There are paid jobs for counselors, writers, musicians, graphic artists, custodians, groundskeepers, and child care workers. Plus, worship services often incorporate high-tech lighting and sound design.

A licensed counselor can expect to make around $21 per hour. An experienced groundskeeper might earn $17. Nursery workers earn from $8 to $15.

If you want to serve in ministry, connect with people in a loving community, and exercise your faith, consider church work.

Entertainer or Music Teacher

Did you set your dreams of stardom aside to raise a family? There’s nothing stopping you now.

Singers and musicians earn $27 per hour on average while fulfilling their dreams. You could market yourself and go solo or audition with an existing group. There is a high demand for entertainers at weddings, parties, and charity events — and the hosts usually feed you. If you land a regular gig in a piano bar, you could earn a nice chunk of change in tips and meet lots of interesting people.

On the other side of the spectrum, private music teachers and voice coaches earn up to $37 per hour.


As a generation of nurses retires, there is a growing demand for qualified caregivers.

Licensed registered nurses earn up to $34 per hour on average. The pay for home health aides is $12 on average, but less education is required.

Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, schools, and large corporations. Some become midwives or public health nurses. Forensic nurses are consultants for law enforcement agencies and attorneys.

With nursing, the possibilities to exercise your knowledge, skill, and compassion are endless.

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