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The Best Paying Truck Jobs

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Truck driving is one of the highest paying transportation jobs. But which types of truck driving are the best of the bunch?

If you’re interested in learning about high-paying driving opportunities, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about a trucking career.

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[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”19″]Which Trucking Jobs Pay the Highest[/su_heading]

Usually ice road truckers earn the most due to the amount of danger associated with the job. If you take an ice road trucking job, you will potentially make a year’s pay in just a few months. However, it will require some specialized skills and a good amount of bravery. You will have an obligation to know how to handle your truck in all the elements. You’ll also be required to know how to fix your truck if you suffer a breakdown on a trip far from a stopover. Help is sometimes few and far between on the ice roads.

The next type of trucking job that will earn you an equally high pay is as a dump truck driver for coal mines. This kind of truck driving will require you to develop patience. The coal loading process is rather painstaking. That is because it must be done with considerable skill to avoid disrupting the mine. Any miscalculated steps can lead to a collapsing of the pit. In addition to coal, you might also haul oil, rock, and water. Though carrying dirt for long hours might not sound that fun, the rewards are satisfying.

Drivers who haul oversized loads across state lines also receive a high enough compensation to afford to live comfortably. The job, however, is demanding because it requires a high level of concentration, patience and navigation skills. Keeping the huge loads straight on the highway will require you to have unique skills that cannot be attained overnight. While maintaining control of your oversized load, you will also have to pay attention to oncoming drivers to avoid unexpected accidents. In most cases, you will need a spotter to map your way and help ensure your safety from start to finish.


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Liquid hauling is another trucking job that has a high income because of the specialized skills required. It involves hauling gas, chemicals, and toxic or flammable fluids in specialized tankers. The payment is very high, and you can make a fortune by the end of the year. The catch here is that not only are the liquids dangerous, but they also splatter uncontrollably within the tanker as you drive. They, therefore, require you to be an expert trucker with a CDL endorsement to have a successful tanker haul career.[su_pullquote align=”right”]The CDL is a viable investment that you should consider when just starting off in your trucking career.[/su_pullquote]

You have probably heard of the hazmat load, which is another job that fits the criteria of the highest paying truck driving jobs. If you want to take your tanker hauling to the next step, you can sign up to be a hazmat transporter, which also carries hazardous gasses and liquids. You will have to get a CDL endorsement just like for tanker hauls. That special approval to carry hazmat cargo allows you to earn more, and when you combine it with the CDL tanker endorsement, you will have the edge over other truckers.

If you become a car hauler, you can make lots of money transporting expensive automobiles across states. It is a tough field to get into, but if you manage to get in, there is no turning back. To start out on this career path, find a trucking employer who provides specific car hauling services. While on the job, you need to gather as much experience as possible, which you may not find in truck driving schools. From there, you’ll be able to transport cars such as luxury automobiles.


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Another way through which you can get into the trucking business is through team driving. In this kind of trucking, you’ll have to find a partner who you can switch driving with on and off. The advantage of this is that you can take advantage of the time you would normally spend sleeping. As one driver is sleeping the other is at the wheel.

Interstate drivers also earn a lot of money. Though you will face long, tiring miles with heavy loads, the cargo owner will compensate you with some hefty returns at the end of it. Tight schedules, which you are required to meet, will also earn you fantastic allowances.

If you have been in the trucking industry for some time, you might want to consider opening your own recruitment agency. You could potentially earn close to the same amount as you would driving a truck, especially if you supply great truckers.


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[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”19″]The Best Paying States for Truckers[/su_heading]

The state of Mississippi prides itself on having the highest average pay for trucking jobs. You can expect to make around $68,000 annually. It is influenced by the presence of heavy cargo hauling and long distance transportation, which will require you to have excellent skills. If you trust your expertise with long distance hauling, then you can consider venturing into the Mississippi state truck driving industry.

The next state with high paid truckers is Wyoming, with the annual salary of truckers averaging at $61,000. In this state, the industry has an abundance of specialty jobs that only a handful of professional truck drivers qualify for.

New York State follows closely with an average salary for truckers at $60,000. The icy mountains, on which loads are hauled during the winter, as well as the packed highways, are reasons for the additional cash.

[su_pullquote]The salary is dependent on the specialty regardless of the state in which you drive.[/su_pullquote] The type of cargo that you haul will also have a significant impact on your pay. Also, look out for the added advantages and perks that your prospective employer is willing to offer before you settle for a trucking job in their company.


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[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”19″]The Top Paying Trucking Companies[/su_heading]

The greatest trucking companies are determined by the benefits they offer you, the satisfaction levels of the employees, and the corporate culture and reputation of the enterprise. The list below takes these items into consideration.

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There are other great trucking companies and even better paying ones depending on your area of expertise. Don’t be limited to this list, but browse around for the best trucking job that suits your needs.


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