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The Best Year-End Deals on Crossovers

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Over the past decade, the most popular type of vehicle has continued to be the crossover SUV. Crossovers continue to be very popular with consumers as they are as large as SUVs but drive like smaller sedans. They also provide plenty of features that can make them comfortable and safe to drive.

While crossovers are among the most popular vehicle options all year, the end of the year tends to be the time when the most crossovers are sold. This year, there are a variety of year-end deals that can provide the most value for crossover buyers.

2019 Dodge Journey GT

At $33,645, the 2019 Dodge Journey GT is a great buy. You’ll love this crossover’s muscular styling and powerful V6 engine. It also comes loaded with many attractive features, including Dodge’s excellent Uconnect infotainment system. Meanwhile, this trim’s high-performance suspension promotes more responsive handling.

Most importantly, there’s enough passenger room for your family to ride in comfort. While advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking aren’t available, standard parking sensors give you more security in tight spaces.

You can now can up to $4,250 cash allowance on a new Dodge Journey GT. This is a sweet deal for a new family vehicle.

Remember, the Journey is already one of the lowest-priced crossovers in the segment. To get an SUV that rivals what the Journey GT brings to the table, you’ll have to spend a lot more money.

2019 Ford Escape

For good reason, the 2019 Ford Escape remains one of the most popular small crossovers on the market. Drivers enjoy the Escape’s car-like handling and strong turbocharged engine. Plus, reliability is very good, which is a big plus for buyers.

While the base model is rather inexpensive, several premium features are available on the upper trims. Highlights include a SYNC touchscreen with advanced smartphone support, Wi-Fi, and an upgraded Sony sound system. If you desire accident-avoidance technologies like blind-spot monitoring and forward collision warning, opt for Ford’s Smart & Safe package.

The 2019 Escape starts at $24,105. Regardless of which trim you choose, Ford is offering zero percent APR for 60 months on the Escape. This means you can avoid sky-high interest rates. Moreover, you’ll receive $1,000 bonus cash, which further sweetens the deal.

If you prefer to lease as opposed to buying, check out the base Escape SE. It can now be leased for 36 months at a low $209 a month with $2,909 due at signing.

2020 Kia Sportage

The 2020 Kia Sportage has a high fun factor. This compact crossover’s nimble road manners and lively performance make it a blast to drive. Meanwhile, few competitors can match the Sportage’s edgy exterior styling.

On the inside, you’ll find several modern features. Even the base model comes standard with an eight-inch touchscreen, which boasts Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Furthermore, your family is unlikely to have any complaints about this SUV’s everyday comfort. Although the Sportage may look small, it provides spacious seating.

The 2020 Sportage has a starting MSRP of $23,990. To sweeten the deal, Kia is offering up to $3,000 cashback on your preferred trim. Along with your purchase comes a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, which is among the best in the industry. Because this deal expires after the new year, you better act fast.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer

At $28,800, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is one of the hottest SUVs on the street. It has an especially cool exterior design. Many of the Blazer’s styling cues were inspired by the muscle-bound Chevrolet Camaro. Dual exhaust tips and 20-inch alloy wheels come standard on the upper trims.

Fortunately, this midsize crossover has more than just great looks. You’ll certainly enjoy the Blazer’s sharp driving dynamics. If you’re seeking optimal performance, go for either the V6 or newly available turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Additionally, a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone support, and keyless ignition are all standard.

When shopping for a new Blazer, take advantage of the available incentives. Aside from the base model, all of the other trims are eligible for a $2,750 total cash allowance.

2020 Kia Soul

Known for its boxy shape, the recently redesigned 2020 Kia Soul is getting a lot of attention. Not only does the new Soul flaunt a more striking look, but it also offers a greater number of premium upgrades. A 10.25-inch touchscreen with split-screen capabilities and a powerful Harman Kardon sound system are at the top of those upgrades.

Drivers who demand more performance will love the Soul GT-Line Turbo. It’s turbocharged engine cranks out an invigorating 201 horsepower, which translates to especially strong acceleration. As always, the Soul continues to give buyers a lot of equipment for the money. Folks seeking more accident-avoidance features should move past the base model. Kia’s Drive Wise safety package provides lane change assist, forward collision braking, and driver drowsiness monitoring.

With a starting price of 17,490, there’s no overlooking the Soul’s affordability. However, Kia is offering up to $2,000 cash incentive for buyers. Qualified customers can also enjoy zero percent APR for 60 months.

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