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The Top Online Digital Marketing Programs from Around the Globe for Indians

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By Lesley Harrison

The online marketing industry is projected to be worth more than $786 billion by 2026. Marketing is something that can be applied in almost every industry, so digital marketing skills are very much in demand. The industry is a dynamic and flexible one, with many opportunities for remote working or even living the coveted digital nomad lifestyle. Indians who would like to learn these skills can choose from a variety of affordable courses.

Digital Marketing Skills Can Progress Your Career

Even if you’re not looking to work in the industry full-time, studying digital marketing can help you progress your career. Small and medium-sized businesses often appreciate workers who are versatile, and digital literacy is useful even in bigger organisations. Understanding digital marketing means even if you’re not working in a marketing role, you can communicate effectively with those who are. Someone with technical or product knowledge and an understanding of how marketing works can be an asset to any organisation.

Study When You Like with Online Courses

While India is home to some well-respected educational institutions, those who live in more rural areas, such as Kibber or Raghurajpur, may find it difficult to access them. Fortunately, many online courses are available that are highly respected in the industry. You can study these courses at your own pace and from anywhere, and you’ll come away with something you can add to your CV to show you have valuable and current skills in the field of digital marketing.

The Top Online Qualifications in Digital Marketing

Regardless of the current stage of your career, you can earn a respected digital marketing qualification through online study. Depending on how much time you have to devote to the course and how much money you can afford to spend on course fees, you may wish to start with a foundation certificate. Alternatively, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses are available. Studying an online digital marketing course in the United Kingdom could give you the right to put a respected university on your qualification list.

1. Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Course Cost: Approximately 27,951

Duration: 4 months

The University of Edinburgh runs a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Fundamentals. This certificate is available online through edX and is open to those with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The course content includes SEO, PPC and content marketing, as well as user experience design. It’s a practical course that aims to show the real-world applications of digital marketing. Study is self-paced, meaning learners can fit it in around their existing jobs.

2. Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication

Course Cost: ₹123,845 to ₹171,045, depending how many specialisations you choose

Duration: 32 to 50 weeks

Another popular option for those studying online digital marketing courses in India is upGrad’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication. This certificate is divided into two tracks, and upon completion, learners receive a certificate from MICA and Meta. Most learners take the equivalent of an academic year to complete the course, and the recommended time commitment is seven to nine hours per week. Over the course of the year, learners gain skills in social media marketing, PPC, SEO, branding, and analytics.

3. Digital Marketing Specialization Certificate

Course Cost: Varies

Duration: 8 months

The University of Illinois has made the Digital Marketing Specialization part of its MBA available as a certification on Coursera. This qualification is quite hands-on, and at the end of the series of courses, students complete a capstone project that they’ll be able to use as evidence of their skills. The course covers SEO, social media marketing, analytics, and user-experience building, as well as some elements of web development.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing

Course Cost: ₹3,77,400

Duration: 3 years

Great Learning offers a BBA Degree and an advanced certificate with electives in digital marketing or data science and analytics. If you’re someone with a strong interest in computer science, the more technical elements of this degree may appeal to you. This is an undergraduate course and takes longer to complete than some of the other courses on this list; however, if you’re considering a career change and want strong foundations in digital marketing, this could be a good option.

5. Digital Marketing Certificate

Course Cost: ₹1,61,277

Duration: 200 hours

Delivered by the University of Calgary, the Digital Marketing Certificate equips digital marketing newcomers with valuable skills and prepares them to become a professional capable of developing, implementing, and analyzing digital marketing campaigns.

Students in this program explore various strategies and skills such as search engine optimisation, content marketing, and social media. The University of Calgary recommends that students have prior experience or education in general marketing prior to this program.

6. Master of Marketing and Digital Communications

Course Cost: ₹17,41,146 to ₹26,11,705

Duration: Self-paced, expected 20 to 24 hours per week

Monash University helps professionals expand their understanding of how digital technologies interact with marketing and communications through its Master of Marketing and Digital Communications program.

This program focuses on understanding contemporary trends and preparing digital marketing professionals for technological and digital shifts in marketing. In addition to courses on topics such as global communication, data analytics and social media marketing, students complete professional or scholarly work for a portfolio of professional development. If students have prior qualifications, they may receive credit for the portfolio section.

Free Short Courses in Digital Marketing

If you’re not ready to commit to a full course in digital marketing but would like to get some basic skills in the field, many short courses are available to choose from. These courses are either free or very low-cost and can help you get an idea of what goes on in the industry before you decide whether you really do want to complete a digital marketing degree in Australia, India or elsewhere or make the leap into a whole new career.

1. Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

One of the most well-known introductory courses is Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This free intro course covers the basics of building a website, search marketing, PPC and even advertising on Google Maps. If you’re a small business owner and would like to take control of your own web presence, this could be a good starting point for you. The Google Digital Garage platform has many other free online courses you can explore once you’ve completed this introduction, too.

2. Hubspot Academy Digital Marketing Course

Hubspot is a big name in the world of digital marketing, and it has its own online academy where would-be marketers can learn the foundations of digital marketing and how to use Hubspot’s tools. This free course is quite short, having around four hours of content in total, along with quizzes and practical assignments. If you’re interested in learning about content marketing, building organic traffic and managing online ads, this highly practical course could be a good way to invest your time. The course also covers email marketing and video content, topics many other online courses tend to gloss over.

3. FutureLearn’s Digital Marketing Course

FutureLearn runs a digital marketing course from Accenture. This free course is CPD accredited, so if your employer tracks continuing professional development, you can use the course toward your CPD credit for the year. The content includes display ads, PPC marketing, SEO, and email marketing. While everything is delivered online, you’ll be expected to attend scheduled sessions because social learning and peer review is an important part of how the content is delivered. Some learners feel this helps them commit to the course because they’re interacting with their fellow students more.

Progress Your Career and Keep Your Skills Current

The field of digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. What was considered “conventional wisdom” a few years ago may no longer apply. If you decide to get into digital marketing, it’s important to make an effort to keep your skills up to date. Take refresher courses run by the companies whose tools you use and read industry journals to get information about the latest changes to search algorithms. Try new analytics tools and make a commitment to never stop learning and growing.

Lesley Harrison


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