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The Top Three 2016 Luxury Autos

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Buyers of premium automobiles enjoy some attractive selections this year. In fact, designers have developed so many upscale, prestigious vehicles that choosing the top three presents a challenging task!

Many consumers will agree that any ranking of the world’s most opulent rides must include three offerings someplace near the top of the list. For this year, they’re the Cadillac CTS, the Mercedes-Benz E-class and the BMW 750Li.

Exterior Beauty

All three of these top 2016-model luxury vehicles boast the sleek, sporty lines of prestige sedans. Executives will feel comfortable associating themselves with any of these vehicles. Additionally, all three offer highly regarded logos. The BMW 750Li furnishes slightly larger dimensions, and the Mercedes-Benz E series provides several models with distinctive exterior conformation options.

All three vehicles now supply sophisticated keyless entry and remote start features too, along with power door locks and daytime running lamps. Customers enjoy exciting available options for selecting paint color and wheel upgrades.

Plush Interior Comfort

As you might expect, these three luxury vehicles also include a host of available interior trim packages, replete with some cutting-edge technology. For instance, the new BMW 750Li offers passengers in the rear of the cabin the option of utilizing an available detachable tablet. The screen will control many of the climate controls within the back of the vehicle, including some colored ambient lighting selections and available heated seating.

The Cadillac CTS furnishes a tailored command console. Customers select the specific features they wish to monitor from the dashboard in addition to mileage and fuel consumption. A driver utilizing this function enjoys the ability to track and modify infotainment selections without even glancing away from the steering wheel.

Customized Powertrain Features

Today, a growing number of luxury automakers enable customization of features which in former eras represented uniform aspects of models. Drivers of these three luxury sedans have gained the ability to obtain additional horsepower as an available option. While the standard versions of these vehicles all furnish exceedingly high-precision, comfortable transportation, drivers interested in obtaining added torque can now do so by selecting available upgrades.

For instance, the Cadillac CTS’s standard 2.0L four-cylinder engine supplies a standard 268 horsepower. The company tests its initial vehicles in this class on a racetrack. Drivers who desire even faster acceleration can upgrade to a 3.6L V-6 engine, a modification that will increase the available horsepower to 335. The Mercedes-Benz E Class furnishes a standard 302 horsepower and the BMW 750Li offers upgrades allowing drivers to access racing vehicle performance ranges of well over 400 horsepower. Customers can obtain 8-speed transmission.

Seamless Mechanical Capabilities

All three luxury automakers have engineered extraordinary mechanical capabilities into these vehicles. If you require a smooth ride, for instance, the BMW 750Li maintains such a sophisticated suspension system that drivers frequently don’t even notice uneven roadway surfaces. Cadillac’s CTS boasts an available magnetic ride suspension system that completes precision adjustments at frequent intervals, enabling the vehicle’s occupants to travel comfortably despite challenging conditions.

These vehicles offer standard Electronic and Stability control systems utilizing complex sensors. As automotive technology grows increasingly automated, luxury vehicles have gained enhanced features for modulating a car’s response to changing roadway gradients and surfaces. A smooth ride has become a customer expectation in an opulent sedan.

Impressive Safety Options

The superb design features of all three sedans assists occupants in the event of accidents. The sturdy steel frameworks of these vehicles resist inward crumpling. Drivers can install available satellite-connected OnStar technology to summon assistance quickly. With standard driver and passenger airbags, and side impact airbags, each of these impressive automobiles furnishes important built-in safety technologies. A driver may benefit from the standard rear camera in the Cadillac CTS, for instance, in order to assist in navigating the vehicle in reverse, an especially useful feature for parking along busy streets or in crowded parking lots.

Available upgrades allow drivers to install additional cameras that may promote safer driving. For instance, the new BMW 750Li includes some impressive available night vision capabilities. Not every driver will require this type of assistance, but in some cases the option could prove very useful in assisting enhanced visualization of traffic in the dark. Drivers using this available feature gain night-vision goggle capabilities as they scan the surrounding landscape.

Price Considerations

Although prices may vary based upon the available options and upgrades an individual buyer selects, as a general matter the BMW 750Li will likely represent the priciest of these three vehicles with a starting list price of $98,395. The Mercedes-Benz E series vehicles vary significantly in cost based upon models, but begin at a base price of $53,100 for the 2016 E350 Sport Sedan and range up to a base price of $65,600 for the 2016 E400 4Matic ® Sedan. The Cadillac CTS, the most economical of the three luxury vehicles, starts at just $51,285.

The overall price of any luxury vehicle will depend upon a buyer’s decision about available upgrade options, of course. Since all these prestige sedans offer numerous packages for additional features, costs may vary considerably based upon a buyer’s preferences.

Excellent Values

Customers seeking executive vehicles will appreciate the elegance and technological innovations furnished by these three incredible luxury sedans. Trendy, stylish and exceedingly comfortable, all of these autos reflect precision-engineering. Their aerodynamic, sculpted conformations and the meticulous attention to automotive detail recommend all three as solid values in today’s marketplace!

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