Top Rated Auto Coupons That Work!

Owning and maintaining a vehicle can be very expensive to the average American driver. Not only do the vehicles themselves cost thousands of dollars, maintenance and insurance premiums continue to inflate the price of a vehicle over time.

Luckily, there are ways for you to reduce those costs and make buying, owning or maintaining a vehicle much cheaper. One way that is very effective is to use coupons that different manufacturers and companies allow consumers to use.

How to Save Money When Buying a Vehicle

When looking into buying a vehicle, there are many places you can find a car. In fact, there are even online retailers that not only offer a wide selection of new and used vehicles, they offer plenty of cash-saving coupons, as well! offers both used and new cars, and is one of many retailers who offer auto coupons. This site is constantly adding more coupons to get great deals on their new and used stock. At the time of writing, GoodShop lists coupons for:

  • a free trade-in evaluation
  • 10-20% off 2016 models such as Dodge Journey, Jeep Compass, Ford Fusion and Hyundai Elantra
  • 10-20% off 2015 models, such as Jeep Renegade and Dodge Dart offers used rental cars using their Rent2Buy program. This is a good option for you if you are looking for a preowned car under 50,000 miles at an honest price. Hertz is one of the retailers who offer auto coupons as well. At the time of writing, Hertz offers coupons for used vehicles on RetailMeNot offers:

  • $350 off the purchase of a car
  • $100 off Rent2Buy used car purchases
  • $250 off for AAA members

While CarsDirect and Hertz are good options, there may be lots of local options for you. It pays to check dealer websites to find coupons. Many dealers offer coupons for cash off of a new or used vehicle, as well as extra trade-in value if you have a car to trade.

Coupons for Car Maintenance

Great! You have a new car. Now what?

Well, that car is likely a reliable vehicle that will serve you for many years. However, it will require maintenance and repairs from time to time. Depending on your mechanical abilities, you may want to perform maintenance yourself, or bring your vehicle to a mechanic to get regular maintenance. There are plenty of coupons for parts and maintenance to keep your car on the road.

If you are mechanically-inclined, performing maintenance yourself is the best way to save you money. Autozone and Advance Auto Parts are both retailers who offer auto coupons. Autozone is a good choice for auto parts and accessories of good quality, and at good prices. Groupon lists coupons for:

  • 20% Off Plus a $10 Gift Card
  • 10% Off Online or $5 In-Store
  • Free $15 Gift Card with Purchase
  • Free Shipping on $75+ orders

Advance Auto Parts is another excellent option for finding parts and accessories at a great price. RetailMeNot offers coupons for:

  • 30% Off a $50+ Purchase Sitewide
  • $40 Off $100 Regular Price Items for Speed Perks Members
  • Free Standard Shipping on Orders over $75

If you prefer to have a shop complete maintenance on your vehicle, there are plenty of cash-saving coupons for that, too. Sears Auto Center has a chain of comprehensive garages that are capable of doing nearly any maintenance your vehicle might need. Not only this, they tend to have many coupons available for maintenance items. Some of the coupons that are currently being offered are:

  • $16.99 Oil Change
  • Up to 44% Off Wheel Alignment

PepBoys is an excellent repair chain that is able to do most maintenance jobs, from oil to brakes to mufflers. PepBoys rotates their specials and coupons every month, and each month brings another wide variety of services at a discounted price. This month, PepBoys is offering deals like:

  • Up to $300 Off Wheel Alignment
  • 15% Off any Select Service
  • $49.99 Alignment with Purchase and Install of 4 Tires
  • 50% Off Installation of Shocks or Struts or 20% Off DIY Shocks or Struts
  • $20 Off Synthetic Oil Change Service
  • $20 Off Installation of 4 Wheels
  • Free Battery Installation
  • $15 Off Fuel Injection and Throttle Body Service Package

As mentioned above with new and used car dealers, you may have many local options as well. Take advantage of this by looking at their flyers and websites to find great local deals.

Cars don't always have to be so expensive. By using these coupons and checking dealers and coupon sites for new coupons every month, you can save yourself thousands of dollars long-term on new and used cars, parts, accessories and maintenance.

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