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Weather Tech Car Mats

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Whether you’re looking for a car mat to protect from snow, mud or just every day dirt, Weather Tech has something to cover you.

Their base model is the AVM HD Semi-Universal Trim-to-Fit mats. If you’re looking for something a little more custom, they have the higher-end All-Weather Floor Mats. These are customized for different models of cars, so you should be able to find mats that fit your car perfectly. If you’re looking for absolute top of the line, they also offer their Floor Liner model, which is laser measured to get a perfect fit and complete coverage.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Weather Tech car mats is the materials they use. They’ve done away with smelly, old rubber and instead have focused on using materials that are safe for you to breathe in daily. Plus, their products are made in the USA.

AVM HD Trim-to-Fit Mats

The AVM HD (All Vehicle Mats, Heavy Duty) are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is almost completely odorless and non-toxic. They contain no lead, harmful PVC or cadmium so you can keep them in your car without wondering what chemicals you’re breathing in!

On the underside of the mats are nibs that help them stay in place, so they don’t move when you’re getting in and out of your vehicle. They also have a non-stick surface, so hosing them off when they get dirty is a breeze.

There are tall ridges on three sides of the center area, where your feet are likely to land. The forward, uphill side has no ridges, and the area surrounding the center is grooved to make trimming easier.

Any liquid, dirt or snow that lands on the car mat will be channeled efficiently to leak into the edges, even if you don’t trim them at all.

These are the general sizes the mats come in:
Front mats:
– 7/8″ thick
– 19″ wide by 27″ long
– Can be trimmed to 16″ wide by 24″ long

2-Piece Rear mats:
– 7/8″ thick
– 18.5″ wide by 17″ long
– Can be trimmed to 16.5″ wide by 15″ long

The mats are priced differently, depending on what type of vehicle you drive. For example, the price for mats in a Toyota extended-cab pickup is around $54.95+ shipping.

Shipping prices may vary; they won’t calculate shipping cost until they know which state you are in. It’s best to input your information for an exact shipping cost. Damage/loss insurance on each shipment is offered for $5.95.

Color options also vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

All-Weather Floor Mats

These are made of the same material as the AVM HD (TPE), but instead of nubs on the bottom, they have anti-skid ridges, and they’re sized to fit your vehicle without trimming.

The material is OEM approved, and they are made to meet ISO 9001 standards, which is a respectable and worthwhile industry standard, like UL listing for electrical devices.

They also meet the FMVSS302 standard (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards), which is focused on flammability. These come with a limited lifetime warranty. If they fail for the original purchaser, in the vehicle that they were originally bought for, you’re covered.

These mats are built a little better for durability and coverage. A continuous high ridge around the outside edges, high ridges closely spaced vertically in the interior to keep your shoes above the muck, and plenty of space for any muck to land in and stay put keep your carpets free of dirt and grime.

Again, the price of these floor mats differs, depending on the model of your car. The price of a set of mats for a Toyota Corolla is $99.95, with the shipping being the same as above.

They are available in black, tan, or gray.


These mats have been molded straight from a corresponding vehicle and have been measured digitally with a laser to assure a perfect fit. The sides extend up an inch or so to cover the footwell of your vehicle, not just the normal carpeted area. They even fit into the factory-equipped anchor hooks.

For the backseat of your vehicle, you have the option of having one continuous mat that covers the transmission hump, or you can have two separate pieces.

Instead of TPE, the front mats are made of a patent-pending High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE), which offers better rigidity and a better tactile feel. The rear mats are made of “a proprietary custom blended TPO (thermopolyolefin)” which is wear-resistant and remains flexible in extreme temperatures.

The mats are apparently easy to empty over the door sill, though trying to lift them without disengaging the anchor hooks might cause a spill if they’re really full. These will only fit over the factory-original carpet, not over vinyl floors or other standard mats, which will need to come out. These also come with the limited lifetime warranty.

The price of a set of mats for a Toyota Corolla is $179.90, with ground shipping up to $18.00. Shipping insurance remains $5.95.

Customer Satisfaction

On a popular review site, other than Amazon, there were over 6,000 reviews of Weather Tech mats and liners, with the familiar 5-star rating system.

In general, Weather Tech has a 4.5-star rating. On their floor mats, overall, it’s a little bit lower. 45% gave them 5 stars, 37% gave them 4 stars, 8% gave them 3 stars, 6% gave them 2 stars, and 4% gave one star. That’s 18% rating them as not good or just okay.

Of the people who gave negative reviews, the most common complaint was poor fit. Others complained that the mats wouldn’t lie flat or that the edges curled up, but that could be either poor fit or poor placement.

It was surprising how many positive reviews mentioned that the rear mats didn’t fit and needed to be trimmed. At first glance, this may indicate customers who were unaware of having purchased trim-to-fit mats, but many of them were perfectly pleased or even gushed about the great fit of the front mats.

It was a very different story with the FloorLiner mats with digital fit. 86% of the reviewers gave these 5 stars, 12% gave 4 stars, and 2% gave 3 stars. There was not a 1- or 2-star review in the batch.

The reviews show lots of enthusiasm. The few complaints were mostly that one side fit well, but the other side didn’t. A few others complained that the passenger side wouldn’t stay put.

There were, however, a few complaints that the mats were stuffed into the shipping box poorly, causing a few to arrive with wear damage from folds. One person complained of never getting satisfaction over an incomplete order.

Some complained of being unable to return mats that they weren’t satisfied with, but others reported no problem with credit for returns. The 15% restocking fee caught some by surprise.

The bottom line is that they haven’t pleased everyone, but they’ve still pleased roughly 4 out of 5 people. Especially with their star line, where 98% of their customers were remarkably happy with their purchase.

If you want better car mats that will actually keep your car nice and tidy, these are a hopeful-looking option.




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