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3 Best Rated Cell Phones on the Market

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Cell phones are among the most in-demand products all over the world. Consider the hoopla that surrounds the release of the new iPhones. Today every child wants their own smartphone and every adult wants one that can do more, and do it faster. After examining the various reviews and looking at the features, here are the best-rated cell phones across three price levels to help you find the best value for your budget.

Iphone S6

This one has lived up to the excitement. It’s faster all across the board, with an upgraded processor, better touch-screen response, and faster wireless network response. Design-wise, it boasts a sturdier construction, better-quality cameras on front and back, a stunning new 3D display, and navigation which is not only highly touch sensitive but features a number of new iOS shortcuts.

S6 Cons

On the downside, the battery is the same as that in the earlier iPhone so don’t expect longer use time before charging, and the basic 16GB memory may not be enough for your needs. The 4.7″ screen also seems a little smallish at this price. If you want to upgrade these things, and get better picture quality, you’ll have to spend even more than the $850+ price tag to get the 6 Plus version.

To top it off, if you haven’t decided on a 2015-version iPhone S6 yet, you might want to wait a little longer for the iPhone 7, due to be released in early September. But if you must have a new iPhone now, the S6 is still an excellent choice. Also consider that once the 7 is released, prices will likely drop on the iPhone S6, making it all the more appealing among the expanding options in iPhones.

It is better than its predecessors. The S6 features a bigger screen, better cameras, and the Apple Pay service for consumer convenience, all features everyone can appreciate.


Excepting the same old battery, it’s as much as you can ask for in a cell phone – at least until we see what kind of product we have in the iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7

For the Android phones crowd, the Samsung Galaxy has been a popular phone in the mid-priced range of under $500, and the S7 seems to have exceeded expectations. It has an eye-catching polished design, long battery life, and an excellent camera. The storage is easily upgraded with its micro-SD card slot.

S7 Cons

On the downside, the S7 case is so mirror-like that while it looks great, the reflectivity can be a distraction and even a nuisance in the bright sun, while it collects every smudge from contact with unclean surfaces – such as your fingers when out to lunch, the beach, etc. The non-removable battery also seems to be a built-in limitation. But if those things don’t bother you, for its price range the S7 satisfies in every other respect.

The larger and more-contoured S7 Edge may actually be a better phone, but may not be worth the additional expense, considering there’s nothing wrong with the standard S7 and it’s 5.1″ screen, which may make it the best value. It’s easy enough to handle with its curved back and small enough to slip into a pocket. It’s fast (5.1 GHz), powerful, rugged, and reliable. It’s always-on, customizable display has all the features you expect, along with new tools like the Game Launcher and a heart monitor.


You’ll have no problem with taking the S7 along for a day of excitement and picture-taking – though you may have to wipe off a few smudges.

Motorola Moto G4

This model doesn’t quite measure up to the Apple or Samsung Galaxy, but it doesn’t have to. Now available at under $150, it’s far more affordable and does everything most people expect from their smartphone. That may make this the best cell phone for the price. The Moto G phone has always been among the best cell phones for the price. The G4 features a 5.5″ HD screen, a faster processor, and a 16GB memory expandable to 128GB.

G4 Cons

Neither the G4 or G4 Plus comes with contactless payment options, which may not appeal to the shopping-obsessed. The 1.5GHz processor is adequate to most of the apps you’ll run, but leaves something to be desired if you’re seriously into gaming.

Its slender, water-resistant design means you can tuck it in a pocket or purse and not worry about the weather. Motorola – owned by Lenovo – has produced a well-designed and functional product that doesn’t give up much at the lower price. If you want to splurge for the G4 Plus, you can also get more memory, a better camera, and a fingerprint sensor for locking/unlocking the phone. With either model, you can swap out the back panel or add accents to tailor the design to your personal style. The long-life battery might just outlast you on a long day. The phone uses the Android 6.0 (or 6.1) OS and features an uncluttered interface that’s easy even for novices of Android phones.


If you are old-fashioned enough to resist the idea of spending hundreds just for a phone, and can live with the given caveats, the G4 might be just what you need.

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