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3 Ways Seniors Can Save Money on Flights

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By Heather Fishel

There’s nothing more exciting about retirement than the freedom to go anywhere – and that’s exactly why so many seniors travel once they’ve left their full-time jobs behind. But traveling isn’t cheap, especially with the average price of a domestic flight reaching $349.17 today.

Fortunately, there are ways seniors can cut costs and save money on airfare. If you’re in search of lower-priced flights to destinations around the world, you just need to know where to look for savings.

Here are three of the best ways seniors can get discounted airfare.

1. Search for Senior Discounts on International Flights

If you’re interested in traveling to far-off destinations, you’ll want to search for airlines that offer discounts on international flights. And fortunately, if you’re age 50 or older, you can actually access special rates just for seniors.

There are two airlines that offer senior discounts just on international travel: American Airlines and British Airways. 

American Airlines offers a 65+ senior discount on select international flights. You can find these specially-priced flights by using the “Advanced Search” option on the American Airlines website. British Airways offers a similar deal, giving AARP members who are age 50 or older up to $200 off trans-Atlantic flights. 

Looking to fly elsewhere, or on a different airline? Search online to see if any other airlines might be offering special pricing for seniors. 

2. Know Which Airlines Offer Discounted Senior Tickets

No matter where you’re traveling, you might be able to get a senior discount – but only if you fly on the right airline. 

Certain airlines offer discounts on select itineraries and to specific destinations. In order to find these deals, you’ll need to search the right airlines’ websites. If you’re traveling within the United States, here are the airlines every senior should check.


Delta offers senior discounts on select itineraries – but you won’t find them online. You can call the airline directly and ask about discounted tickets for travelers age 60 or older. A Delta representative can tell you about the latest pricing, and help you book your tickets right over the phone.


Southwest offers a selection of specially-priced senior airfares. If you’re age 65 or older, you can either search the Southwest website, call the airline’s customer service number, or speak with a travel agent to take advantage of the discount. 


Seniors who fly United can book senior fares, which are just for customers age 65 and older. You can book these tickets right on the United website, or you can make a reservation over the phone. The discounts are only available on flights to certain destinations.

3. Look for Senior Discounts on Travel Websites

The best deals – including senior discounts – aren’t always available when you book directly with the airline. Sometimes, the lowest prices are available from third-party websites that offer the same airfare at a deeper discount.

If you aren’t finding good deals on flights from the airlines themselves, try searching websites like Kayak, Priceline, and Travelocity for lower-priced tickets. These third-party websites often offer discounts on regular airline tickets, and you may be able to get senior discounts on top of those already low prices. 

Some third-party websites or travel sites may even offer AARP discounts. Check the details of your AARP membership, or contact the websites directly, to find out if there are any special rates reserved just for senior travelers. 

Always Search for Senior Deals Before Booking

Make your golden years exciting by booking vacations to anywhere you’ve always wanted to travel. Although flying around the world can be expensive, seniors don’t always have to pay the price.

If you know that discounted fares for seniors exist, you’ll be prepared to save. Before you book your next trip, make sure to use the above tips for saving money. Airlines don’t often advertise their special senior fares – if they can get you to pay full price, they don’t want to let you know that discounts exist. 

However, your money is even more important when you’re retired. And saving on airfare can allow you to do more and travel more often. Do your research, search online, and speak with specific airlines, and you could save hundreds of dollars off the cost of a flight.

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