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5 Sentences That Can Save You Hundreds on Cable TV

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If you are paying more than you would like for your cable service and don’t know where to turn, you are probably wondering what you should do so that you can reduce your cable bill. You want to enjoy all your favorite channels and shows, but feel as though your cable company is overcharging you.

Many people believe that they don’t have any options unless they are willing to cancel their subscription, but you can lower your cable bill when you know what to say and how your cable provider thinks. Even when you know what words to use, you will also need to understand how they work and to say them with confidence.

Why This Method Works

Before you go any further with this strategy, take some time to learn why it’s effective at lowering your bill. Some people might think that this approach won’t give them the results they want, but they will likely change their mind when they learn what motivates most cable providers. If your cable company is charging more than they should, their number one goal is to get as much of your money as they can.

But your cable company prefers to get some money instead of nothing at all. If you can convince them that you are going to walk away, they will offer some amazing deals to keep you on board.

“I can no longer afford my current cable plan, so I am calling to make changes.”

Calling your cable company and letting them know that you can no longer afford their service is a great way to reduce your cable bill. When you first reach out to them for help, don’t let them know why you want to cancel until they ask you. You can state that you are happy with the service but need to cancel, which will improve your odds of success.

Cable providers that have decent customer service will ask you why you want to cancel and if they can do anything to make you stay, and that is when you will tell them that you enjoy the service but can no longer afford it. You have about a 90 percent chance that the customer service agent will offer you a deal to keep your business.

“I received an offer from a rival company for the same package, so I am considering switching.”

Since cable providers are competitive, they don’t want you to drop them for their rivals and will do what it takes to keep you. More than anything else, you must remember to be polite and upbeat during your interaction with your cable company if you want to get an attractive offer. Although they want to make as much money as possible, many cable companies will let you leave if you make their job difficult.

As soon as they answer the phone, let them know that you spoke to another cable provider and have the opportunity to get a better price. The customer service agent will most likely try to give you more channels to keep your business, but you don’t want to accept that offer if your goal is to reduce your bill. Instead, let your cable provider know that you prefer to switch so that you can decrease your bill, and they will relent and give you an attractive price.

“I’ve been with you for a while, but I can no longer afford the services, so I’m going to have to cancel or switch my cable.”

Letting your cable company know that you have been with them for a while but can no longer afford their service charge is a nice tactic when you want to enjoy a decreased bill. The agent with whom you speak won’t want to be at fault for losing a long-term customer and will be much more motivated to give you an unbeatable deal.

“I’m going to need you to do better than that.”

This sentence is powerful and can provide you with impressive results if you use it with the right frame of mind, and the most effective time to use it is when you are first signing up for a plan. Being assertive but not confrontational is what will give you the best odds of success with this approach.

You will tell your provider that the price they offered you won’t cut it, but you will also need to back up your statement with a valid reason. Mentioning that their packages are outside of your budget or that you have other offers will motivate them to give you an unbeatable deal.

“Could you send me the details of that in an email so that when I call back, I can know who helped me?”

Documentation is powerful. Asking for an email with the customer service agent’s contact information and the deal that the agent offered will put a lot of pressure on the cable company. People can always deny it when you say that they were rude or not helpful, but having an email gives you evidence.

Employees who care about their job don’t want to be the reason that their company lost a customer, so they will do everything they can to stop you from leaving. They will probably make you an offer that you won’t be able to ignore and include premium channels and features for which you would otherwise need to pay.

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