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Affordable, Higher-Quality Wedding Rings Can Be Found Outside of Chain Stores

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By Chelsea Dolan

Although your wedding only lasts a day, the rings you exchange at the ceremony are something you’ll carry forever. And those rings are definitely an investment; the average American spends $7,750 on an engagement ring. Luckily, you don’t have to spend that much money on a beautiful ring. There are plenty of rings you can discover online with a quick search. While chain jewelry stores are popular, there are other types of retailers that are lesser-known. And they sell wedding rings that are equally high in quality. Anyone looking to save money on rings should search online to look for affordable options beyond chain retailers.

Here’s how you can find affordable and high-quality wedding rings.

Where You Should Shop

Major jewelry retailers are pros at advertising. Whether it be Kay, Tiffany’s, Jared, or Michael Hill, these giants have become go-tos for couples simply because they’re recognizable brands and easily accessible. But just because they’re well-known doesn’t mean they’re the best option. You could end up paying more money on a ring simply because of the branded boxes it’s carried in.

An alternative to shopping at chain jewelry stores is deep diving online. There are diamond jewelers that allow you to browse pieces with ease, compare your favorites and save money in the process. Online prices are nearly half of comparable rings in retail stores and are just as reputable.

Diamond wholesalers are where you can buy some of the cheapest diamonds. These retailers sell loose stones and are able to sell them for less because they buy diamonds in bulk. Many wholesalers conduct business in person, but others such as allow you to browse and compare over 70,000 diamonds online.

These retailers pass the savings onto the customer by eliminating the need for retail space, display cases, special lighting and more. Some benefits to buying from diamond wholesalers include:

Another type of retailer to look into are local independent jewelry shops. Unlike chain stores which sell thousands of the same rings across locations, shopping at independent stores will give you more unique options and increased quality control. You’ll be getting helpful service from business owners who aren’t solely focused on upselling to make a commission. Plus, your purchase will help boost the local economy.

Lastly, see if there are any family heirlooms you could inherit for wedding rings. People in your family might have special jewelry pieces they’re willing to pass onto you. Not only can this lead to potentially unique pieces, but the rings will also hold a lot more sentimental value.

How To Save On Rings

People say there are a lot of things a wedding ring needs to have. But all those bells and whistles cost money, and not everyone has the budget to get the best cut, color, carat and clarity. Luckily, you can prioritize certain aspects of this traditional guideline and still end up with a beautiful ring.

It’s recommended that you never sacrifice anything to do with the ring’s cut. This is the most important aspect and allows light to shine through each stone. Instead, be less strict on the other C’s. Here’s how:

By following this guide, you’ll end up with rings that look great but are significantly cheaper. The average person won’t notice if a ring is perfectly clear or if there are less carats than expected. Prioritizing the cut of your ring will make all other aspects of the ring look good.

Another way to save money on wedding rings is to forget about buying a diamond altogether. There are plenty of other ring styles that are more affordable and could be a better fit for a couple’s personality. Other stones to consider include emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

Search Online For Diamond Deals

There are a number of benefits to avoiding big name jewelry brands when shopping for rings. Wholesale retailers, independent shops and online stores allow you to save money and find unique pieces not sold everywhere else.

Wedding rings are a big investment, and shopping online for rings allows you to browse thousands of options before settling on just anything at a big name jewelry brand. Comparing your options online will help you find a ring that fits your budget and style.


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