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Save Money With These Flower Delivery Services

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Whether you want to mark a special event, celebrate a holiday or decorate your home with something vibrant and beautiful, flowers are a great way to make any day memorable. In fact, over $3 billion in flowers are sold every year, so it’s clear that flowers are a go-to gift for many people. However, if you’re still driving to the local market to pick up your bouquets, you are missing out in quality, convenience and price. Online floral shops are growing in popularity as more people realize that they can get quality blooms without breaking the bank.

There are distinct advantages to online shopping, making it one of the fastest growing markets in the world. In fact, more than half of all Americans report that online shopping is their preferred choice for buying, and almost every person in the country has made an online purchase at least once. When it comes to flower delivery services, there are many reasons to use an online florist.

While there are advantages to using online flower delivery services no matter what company you choose, there are differences among retailers, so it’s important to understand what each company offers.

As one of the better known online florists, has a lot to offer consumers. The company has same day flower delivery, but it’s important to understand how this works. Instead of having access to their entire catalog of bouquets and gifts, shoppers enter their zip code to determine what items are available in their area at a local partnering florist. Most locations offer basic bouquets of roses as well as other mixed bouquets suitable for a variety of occasions from a birthday to a funeral, so there’s something for everyone. If you don’t need your selection right away, the site’s entire catalog is available for boxed deliveries. Either way, 1-800-Flowers ships for around $19 per order.

Besides floral arrangements, also has a full assortment of gift items, so think outside the box when you’re browsing. There is also a sale section where you can find discounted items including both quality bouquets and other gifts such as food baskets and baby shower packages. Also, check out the deal of the week where the site showcases a featured product with special pricing. If you happen to be radio listener, many shows provide affiliate codes for even more savings.

Pricing at this online floral retailer starts at around $30 for a bouquet, with a lot of variation between different arrangements. At, one dozen basic red roses will set you back around $50. Keep in mind that all the website photos are stylized and that not all bouquets will be fully bloomed when they arrived. Most reviewers reported that they were satisfied with their delivery and that the bouquet received matched the website photo moderately well. If your experience is different, however, you are protected by this company’s no-questions-asked product guarantee and can expect a replacement bouquet.

This site markets itself as the best value in online flower delivery and has a full selection of floral arrangements and gift items starting at just $20. Like their competitors, they offer same day delivery with a more limited product catalog, or you can choose to have any of their available items shipped to your home. While this company is a bit coy about what to expect for shipping costs, some reviewers reported that they paid around $15 which does seem competitive when compared to other options. Also, regular users were overall quite pleased with the quality of the blooms, reporting that they would shop at this flower delivery service again. Every shopper is protected by a customer satisfaction guarantee. sells one dozen long stemmed roses for only $25, making them one of the better values for budget-minded shoppers. If you are willing to spend $5-15 more, you can choose from any number of options that include a variety of flower choices from daisies to mums to lilies. Keep in mind that you will be charged extra for a vase, so budget approximately $7 for a clear basic model or more if you want a specialty or novelty vase.

This site has an entire section dedicated to gift baskets, some of which are available via the same day delivery program. The wider selection of shipped items offers a full range of choices, and you can buy baskets focusing on fruit, chocolate and even wine, making the case that affordable gifting never has to be boring.

Like other major online florists, this flower delivery service boasts a close relationship with local experts in your area, and your same day bouquets will be handpicked and arranged by someone who lives right in your county and delivered to your door. Unlike other retailers, Teleflora does not have the option to have a fuller catalog of flowers shipped in a box to your home, meaning you never have to hold your breath hoping that your blooms make it to their destination intact.

Because each partner florist has different selections, you will need to enter your zip code to determine your particular selection of products. Also, pricing can vary a bit depending of which florist fills your order. Teleflora is not the most affordable online flower dealer on the list, but the hands-on, personalized care makes it worth it for many buyers. Expect to pay around $50 for a dozen red roses with an included vase.

For adventurous buyers, Teleflora has a unique feature where you can purchase a deal of the day bouquet. Starting at just $50, this service allows you to hand the reigns over to an expert who will send you a unique and creative bouquet designed especially for your recipient. These gifts are personalized specifically for both the occasion and the receiver, making this a perfect choice if you are uninspired or just don’t know what would be suitable.

No matter what you have going on in your life, flowers brighten your day and make every event special. While you can certainly go into a local shop and spend the time choosing a gift, online flower delivery services are more convenient and, in many cases, more affordable. Regardless of what your priorities are, one of these three top flower delivery services is sure to have the perfect flowers for you.

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