Top Hassle-Free Mobile Service Providers for Older Users

If you’re like most people, your cell phone bill leaves you confused. There are unexplained fees, overage charges, and a different monthly charge for each line. When you consider the sign-up promotions for new customers, detailed contracts full of fine print and complex installment plans for new phones, selecting a plan and securing a phone that works well can feel overwhelming.

How to Create a Website

Having your own website gives you a platform for sharing information, promoting services, or selling products. It provides visibility and credibility for your business and expands your reach beyond the local market. If you need a “home base” for your personal brand, a customized site can meet your needs.

The New Samsung Galaxy S8

There aren’t too many competitors that can boast the success rates that Samsung has had in the Android market. Samsung was the third company to reach the android main stay, behind both T-Mobile and Motorola. Being the third inductee into the marketplace didn’t stop Samsung from dominating the marketplace in every aspect. Their first release,…

What Everyone Should Know About VoIP

You may have heard about VoIP and wondered what in the world it was. You may even have VoIP at work but now want to know more about it. It is a fairly simple concept when you break it down. Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short is a communication method designed to transmit…

3 Things to Know About Extended Warranties

You’ve probably been in the position of buying a personal electronics device when a salesperson attempts to sell you an extended warranty. It’s estimated that when you walk into a store to buy an electronics item, you’re going to be pitched on an extended warranty at the cash register more than fifty percent of the…

3 Best Rated Cell Phones on the Market

Cell phones are among the most in-demand products all over the world. Consider the hoopla that surrounds the release of the new iPhones. Today every child wants their own smartphone and every adult wants one that can do more, and do it faster. After examining the various reviews and looking at the features, here are…