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How the Right Immigration Lawyer Can Make a Difference

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Immigration law is a complex field that can have a serious impact on your future life. Your ability to stay in the U.S. hinges on how you assert your right to take advantage of visas, green cards, and other immigration documents that are available to foreigners.

Whether you are a U.S. citizen or attempting to obtain residency from abroad, having an experienced immigration lawyer at your side can substantially increase your odds of living and working in the U.S. legally. In many cases, immigration lawyers have dedicated decades of their lives toward understanding the law, and they have often worked with thousands of clients throughout their career. When you work with an attorney who is qualified and experienced, the hassles and risks associated with the immigration process can be almost eliminated.

Understanding Your Options

It is important to start with an understanding of your goals before working with immigration officials. For example, if you only want to stay in the U.S. for a month to visit relatives, your needs would differ from someone who is seeking to work in the U.S. long term. Immigration lawyers can use their experience to suggest the most viable and affordable option for achieving the bottom line that you are seeking. Selecting the right approach can reduce your chances of experiencing unexpected delays while ensuring that you can come back to the U.S. in the future. Making a mistake during the immigration process can reduce your chances of receiving approval in the future, so applying for the right form of visa on your first attempt is critical.

Immigration lawyers can also help you to avoid obstacles that you might not foresee without the help of an experienced representative. Obtaining a tourist visa, for instance, might appear simple, but statistics show that the visa rejection rate is over 60 percent for citizens of many countries. The good news, however, is that people seeking to visit the U.S. from a country that is considered high risk can substantially increase their chances of getting their application accepted by working with a lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on every aspect of your application so that you can avoid raising any red flags.

Speeding Up the Process

Most people who come to the U.S. have an urgent need to get their travel or residency documents accepted. Unfortunately, immigration officials are notorious for getting back to their clients at a slow pace. Skilled attorneys can leverage their understanding of the law and even their personal network to facilitate a faster turnaround time. Lawyers are often able to use strategies that are not outlined on ordinary forms or widely published. Additionally, your attorney might be aware of documents that can be attached to your application to speed up the process.

Even if your lawyer is unable to work the system to get your application approved faster, you will at least be able to use your lawyer’s knowledge to choose an immigration document that is likely to be approved within the window of time that you require. Some people, for example, want to visit the U.S. for emergency medical treatment, and lawyers are often able to procure the necessary travel documents in these cases in a matter of days. Other cases where lawyers can help you to obtain an expedited visa include:

  1. Funerals: Your lawyer can get you rapid approval to enter the U.S. when you have a letter from the funeral director and proof that the deceased person is your relative.
  2. Studying abroad: Students can get an expedited visa under certain circumstances when enrollment is imminent.
  3. Urgent business travel: For urgent business meetings that could not be predicted in advance, lawyers can get your entry visa rapidly approved.

Lawyers can also use their knowledge to make sure that your application will not be rejected on procedural grounds, and this can prevent serious delays. People who try to submit their own immigration documents often make mistakes that bog down the approval process, so working with a lawyer is important for any traveler who does not want to unnecessarily wait years for approval.

Rapid turnaround is especially important when you are applying for a program that requires you to wait in line or deal with quotas. Green card applications can take decades to receive approval for individuals seeking to obtain residency in the U.S. from certain countries. For instance, Indian citizens applying to work in the U.S. have to wait an average of 108 years to get their green card approved. Immigration lawyers can help you to submit your green card application through special channels that can get you priority over other applicants.

How to Find the Right Lawyer

As with most areas of life, you will get the best results throughout the immigration process when you work with a lawyer who has the best qualifications. When choosing a lawyer, it is important to select a professional who has experience dealing with the specific immigration challenge that you are trying to overcome. Some lawyers, for instance, specialize in working with businesses to speed up green card approvals for new hires. A lawyer who understands the nuances of your immigration issue can use their experience to maximize your chances of receiving approval in a reasonable amount of time.

Avoiding roadblocks throughout the immigration process can lead to significant savings by enabling you to begin working and living in the U.S. with minimal delays. Furthermore, when lawyers reduce your chances of receiving a rejection, you save significant money on future application fees or lost opportunities. Having a skilled lawyer at your side, therefore, can yield a significant return on investment when you are dealing with the challenging U.S. immigration system.

The best way to choose a skilled lawyer is to conduct significant research online to find a lawyer who has experience and qualifications that match your needs. Working with the right lawyer will get you the approval you need to start your new life as a U.S. resident.

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