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How to Get Your Free Reputation Score

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By Chelsea Dolan

It’s important for businesses to know what consumers think of them in order to be successful. This kind of intel gives you an idea of how you compare to competitors, what you’re doing well, and what you could improve on. One of the best ways to understand how your business ranks is with a reputation score. You can learn more about how reputation scores impact your business with an online search.

It’s easy to get a reputation score and some companies may offer this service for free. To find out where you can get a reputation score, start a search online.

Here’s what you need to know about getting a reputation score.

What is a Reputation Score?

A reputation score demonstrates the overall feeling people get after searching for your brand name online. It gives you an idea of whether your brand comes across as trustworthy and positive to people who look you up.

Much like a credit score, your reputation score takes into account the good and bad perception that’s scattered online. It measures your business’s performance based on any online public records.

A variety of online areas are considered when issuing a score. Some of these factors include:

Reputation scoring models will differ depending on the platform you choose. All of them will put the same factors in consideration, helping you learn where your company stands when consumers look you up.

Reputation Management Can Help Boost Your Score

If you want to find out the status of your business’s online reputation, search online to find companies that specialize in reputation management.

These companies can influence the online perception of your business through various techniques and strategies. This could be through social media, online community engagement or the search results that appear for your business.

Reputation management companies collect and manage reviews, which can be something incredibly useful for small businesses. Even boosting just one positive rating in your search results has the power to boost your score and entice new customers to check out your service.

When there is a negative review, reputation management can help repair consumer relationships instead of losing them for good. Addressing the concern head-on shows that you care enough to hold yourself accountable, which builds transparency and trust.

Benefits of Reputation Management

Companies and entrepreneurs should be aware of their reputation score. Whether the score is good or bad, it can influence the success of your business. There are plenty of benefits to hiring a reputation management service.

A good reputation score makes your business appear legitimate and reliable for people who look you up. Forbes reports that 91 percent of consumers age 18 to 34 trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If your company has negative reviews, that can reflect poorly on your reputation score and impact future business.

Another important thing to point out is the people who might come across your profile. Potential business partners, job seekers, and customers will look you up before deciding whether or not they’re interested. Gain confidence from new people with a good first impression online.

Lastly, hiring a reputation management company is almost like having your own public relations consultant. You have more power when things go wrong, and your online presence needs some damage control. There is an opportunity to shape customer perception and prevent your overall score from taking a hit.

Learn How to Improve Your Reputation Score Online

It can’t hurt to find out your business’s reputation score. Whether it’s good or bad, the results will give you an opportunity to improve your online presence and fix problems you may not know even exist.

When looking for a reputation score, make sure you understand how the service’s point system works. You want to make sure it factors in all the information you expect in order to receive an accurate rating of your online public perception. Keep in mind the point-grading systems can differ between various services.

There are reputation management companies you can hire to improve your online presence. They can help to draw in new customers, gain trust among consumers, and perform damage control when there is negativity surrounding your business.

If this is something you’re interested in, start an online search to see what’s out there. You could find services offering free reputation reports to get a better understanding of your company. Compare the modelling systems and overall strategies to see how a management company will help your company.

Chelsea Dolan



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