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The Biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Available at Amazon

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By Olivia Di Pede

Amazon is one of the most popular retailers when it comes to online shopping, but even more so during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amazon has offered some of the best prices on hot-ticket items like cell phones, tablets, laptops, home security devices, and even exercise equipment during Black Friday sales. If you want to score some major deals during Black Friday this year, Amazon should definitely be one of your go-to online retailers. This year, Amazon is changing the way they’re handling Black Friday and offering more pre-Black Friday sales in the weeks leading up until November 26. This means it’s important to search online and shop early to avoid missing out on some of Amazon’s deepest discounts.

Follow along for everything you need to know about Amazon’s 2021 Black Friday sales.

Amazon Is Offering Pre-Black Friday Deals

In the past, Black Friday has been a one-day event on Amazon where they offer extreme savings and discounts. In recent years, Amazon has extended these sales and started them early in the weeks leading up until Black Friday.

In 2020, Amazon extended their sales earlier than ever before due to concerns about shipping delays, low inventory, and increased traffic. Amazon called these pre-Black Friday sales The Holiday Dash event, which ran until November 19,2020.

For 2021, Amazon will still have pre-Black Friday sales. However, they are dropping the “Holiday Dash” branding for the straightforward early Black Friday deals. Right now, you can find amazing savings on popular items like cell phones, tablets, laptops, and home security devices. Moreover, the deals will get even better throughout the month of November.

More Deals Will Be Revealed Throughout November

Since Amazon is offering limited-time deals alongside the weeklong sale events, the online retailer is treating the Holiday Dash event as a combination of its Prime Day sales with traditional Black Friday sales.

The event features daily deals that will be available for a limited amount of time. Amazon will give shoppers 24 hours to score savings on certain discounted items, so it’s important to act quickly if you see something on your wishlist marked down.

The weeklong sales will focus on some of the more big-ticket items as Amazon will offer discounts on popular brands like Logitech, KitchenAid, Samsung, and Fitbit. The great news is that you can actually start shopping for these discounts today since Amazon has already rolled out quite a few sales. Here are a few examples of some of Amazon’s most recent discounted items and brands:

Some of Amazon’s most popular items are already marked down at all-time low prices. For instance, Amazon recently reduced the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 to just $499, which is a saving of $150.99.

You Can Shop Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Now

Shoppers can expect even more sales on Amazon as Black Friday approaches. However, there’s no need to wait if you see one of your wishlist items already discounted. With more people shopping online this year than ever before during Black Friday, it’s better to take advantage of a sale when you see it than to risk seeing that item sell out and missing the chance.

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, shoppers can expect many daily deals during Amazon’s Holiday Dash event alongside weeklong promotions on bigger ticket items like TVs, laptops, tablets, home appliances, and gaming consoles.

One major tip to keep in mind when shopping Amazon’s Black Friday sale is to search online and compare deals from other retailers. Amazon is known for price-matching or beating its competitors when it comes to sales. As such, it’s important to search online and do your research to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Olivia Di Pede



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