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The New Samsung Galaxy S8

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There aren’t too many competitors that can boast the success rates that Samsung has had in the Android market. Samsung was the third company to reach the android main stay, behind both T-Mobile and Motorola. Being the third inductee into the marketplace didn’t stop Samsung from dominating the marketplace in every aspect. Their first release, the Samsung Galaxy, would outsell both T-Mobile and Motorola combined. This would set the stage for Samsung’s success in the mobile phone market.

Fast-forward 3 years and Samsung stands as the major pace-setter for android sales on a global perspective. Each predecessor to the original Galaxy model has out-sold the other by rates as high as two times the previous year totals.

This continued success helped produce a product line that would outsell Apple, one of the largest smart phone producers. The Galaxy S8 is the latest in the development stream and there are big things in-store for the company and consumer with the latest release.

New Product Features

With this latest installment in the Galaxy line, the S8 and 8+ offer some incredible advancements in smart phone technology. The first is the use of the largest smart phone screen on record. This new screen expands to cover the furthest edges of the phone, leaving a thin border outline. This visual change gives users a greater surface to work with when multitasking or enjoying high resolution media.

Another new feature is the use of DeX technology. This technology is tailored to the business user as it provides desktop experience without the bulky equipment. This add-on revolutionizes the way you do business, providing additional USB ports, extended prong connectors, and a support for your phone. Applications have been vamped up to support the use of this implemented technology and will continue to develop to bring the user closer to the business experience they desire out of a smart phone. This technology is ahead of its time and it has been in high demand for android users for quite some time.

Keeping up with the technology aspect are the new tech specs associated with the Galaxy 8 and 8+ models. Holding 64GB and 128GB respectively, the Galaxy 8 and 8+ increased storage measures for both the business-oriented and content streaming individuals. The upgrade to 4GB of RAM brings a much-needed boost to the phones ability to multitask. To keep up with these memory measures, Samsung implemented the use of a Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, which directly benefits memory allocations and recalls. This chip also supports the use of low-power memory storing and recall, keeping your battery level topped up for when you really need it. Speaking to the battery, it utilizes a 3,000mAh battery, which blows the charging time of an Apple iPhone out of the water.

The most intriguing feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ is the use of Bixby. Like Apple’s Siri, Bixby is a personal assistant a user can call on in time of need, whether it be finding the best chocolate chip cookie recipes or scouring the net for the latest stock market news. Bixby has access locations via a button on the side of the phone or icons on the phone homepage. It keeps the service near, but doesn’t interfere with your normal phone functions. It also provides an additional function to the camera app. A user can snap a photo of certain products and conveniently locate them in surrounding areas or via online marketplaces. The development level of Bixby is still in the novice stage, but it will be able to grow once Samsung users get their hands on it.

Oldies but Goodies

Samsung also kept some important features that previous Samsung models thrived with. It keeps the same curved backing from the S7 model to allow for a great comfort in handling. This was a staple of the Samsung Galaxy 7 and, due to the raving of previous consumers, its making a grand return. The curved backing allows for reduced tension upon handling and increases your grip on the device. This simple design change alters very little of the phones function, but is noteworthy upgrade with the new S8 and 8+ models.

Durability measures were also a big concern with Samsung users. Water-proofing and dust resistant measures were passed down from previous generations, helping to reduce wear and tear concerns. Likewise, the weight of the S8 and S8+ should be comparable to previous models, remaining light-weight for ease of access. It also features the same microSD and nano-SIM slots, meaning you won’t be forced to tear down your phone if you’d like to replace them. These features combine to give you enough of the Samsung you love, while allowing them to treat you with new features and designs you can become accustomed to.

Provider Costs

The product comes in right around $1,000 to purchase outright, leaving it in the high-end of smart phones. This price should not fool potential buyers, as many providers have hopped on board to host and finance this new Samsung model. This support has created additional purchasing options, such as a monthly charge with your regular billing, to pay off the phone over the course of your contract agreements. Below we’ll elaborate on some of the associated costs with these top providers and clear up the list of options for potential consumers.

On the low-end, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ can be owned for roughly $50-$60 per month. However, the short list of providers will likely turn consumers away from these options. Brands like Net 10 Wireless and Simple Mobile are two carriers that fall into this price range, but their servicing is often limited as far as scaling is concerned. If you frequent areas where these brands operate, you may find this to be a viable purchase option.

Moving up to the major players in the wireless phone space, A T&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile offer some very tempting deals. Each of these companies charges an up-front price ranging from $25-$55, which is primarily used for taxes placed on the phones. These rates will also vary by location, as taxes differ across each state. The monthly charges range from $75-$90 for this phone, which is only small margin of difference between the aforementioned providers. The similarities in monthly pricing allow for you to choose whichever provider has the most support and servicing locations in your area.

The price point is also near the level of comparable brands. The latest iPhone models will tend to be a bit pricier than the Samsung models, leaving you with a clear choice. The upgrade differences for sticking with the Samsung brand also support the S8 and 8+ as the correct choice for the consumer.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ does a great job of creating clear market separations. The implementation of the Infinity Display, new camera features, and resurgence of consumer favorites makes it a great target for android users. The innovative measures being established, like Bixby, help showcase the brand in new lights. It shows that Samsung is constantly upgrading and producing new measures to create new phones and technology for customer satisfaction. The price point comes in at the correct range, making the decision to try a new brand a great choice.

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