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The Top Online Digital Marketing Programs Australians Love

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By Andrew Silver

The tech industry is booming, and along with a few other countries, Australia is one of the best places to work in tech. It’s no surprise that many are exploring new opportunities.

But if the tech sector is a little too technical for you, no worries. Digital marketing is a career that balances analytical prowess with creativity. And like other tech gigs with low entry barriers, affordable online digital marketing courses are a click away.

General Assembly’s Digital Marketing Immersive

Price: $13,500

Duration: 12 weeks

For future marketers who want the best their money can buy, General Assembly’s Digital Marketing Immersive is one of the best digital marketing courses available. In this full-time remote immersive, students learn to craft engaging brand narratives and develop analytical skills for marketing refinement.

The course features expert instruction on numerous digital marketing tools and techniques. Students get hands-on experience with SEO, search marketing, and content strategy. Upon competition, alumni receive a certificate and ongoing career coaching to help them land a job.

General Assembly requires significant investments in time and money but considering it’s placed more graduates than any other program, it’s an investment that returns dividends.

ADMA’s Digital Marketing Certificate

Price: $150 to $4,645

Duration: One day to 10 weeks

The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising — ADMA for short — is the biggest marketing association in Australia. The ADMA was established to help marketing professionals through government advocacy, awards, and event hosting. And, of course, educational programs.

ADMA’s catalogue is immense, with courses that cover everything from copywriting and SEO to behavioural economics. Its most popular course is the Digital Marketing Certificate, which covers 10 weeks of virtual learning through live and on-demand lectures and interactive tutorials.

Whether you want to begin your digital marketing journey or simply need to level up a particular skill, ADMA offers something for everyone.

Google Garage

Price: Free

Duration: One to 40 hours

If you’re just starting out in your digital marketing journey, a solid foundation is the key to success. And when it comes to marketing, it doesn’t get much better than Google’s online courses. Google Garage is the search giant’s custom learning platform that features over 20 modules on everything digital marketing.

Google Garage’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is beloved as one of the best beginner-friendly courses. The self-paced curriculum covers business strategy, content marketing, SEO, SEM and so much more. While the course doesn’t dive as deep as some paid options, it’s thoroughly comprehensive in its scope. Given that it’s completely free, with certification included, it’s an incredible value.

HubSpot Academy’s Digital Marketing Course

Price: Free

Duration: Self-paced

For the uninitiated, HubSpot is a leader in the online tools space, with a roster of marketing, sales, and customer relationship tools that you’ll likely encounter throughout your digital marketing career. They also provide dozens of free training courses and certificates.

HubSpot Academy’s Digital Marketing course is another beginner-friendly course and certification that lays the foundations for future learning. Following a self-paced video, the course covers the fundamentals of digital marketing and dives into SEO, content and email marketing and ad strategies.

When you’re finished, you can continue your education with HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing courses.

Semrush Academy Certifications

Price: Free

Duration: Varies

Another brand you’ll soon be familiar with is Semrush. Semrush provides a software platform that helps marketers manage SEO and content marketing with data-driven analytics. Like HubSpot, the company also provides a robust catalogue of courses.

Since Semrush provides SEO and content marketing tools, their courses focus on these same aspects. Of particular interest is the Technical SEO Learning Path, which provides around six hours of video content from industry experts. If content marketing piques your interest, the platform has over 14 hours of video modules to get you up to speed.

Lastly, Semrush Academy’s certification exams, which you can take with or without the training modules, are a great way to test your knowledge across various topics.

Moz Academy Certifications

Price: $550 to $825

Duration: Five to eight hours

Digital marketing opens up countless skill paths for career development. SEO is arguably one of the most important of those skills, and if you end up focusing on it, you will eventually find yourself using Moz tools.

Moz provides an advanced suite of SEO tools for digital marketers to analyse and refine their search performance and strategies. There’s little disagreement among marketers regarding Moz’s dominance in this area.

Moz Academy offers three SEO certifications focusing on the essentials, competitive analysis, and technical SEO. While the courses aren’t free, they’re high quality, and Moz certifications carry weight in the SEO world.

RMIT University’s Digital Marketing Courses

Price: Varies

Duration: Six weeks to 36 months

RMIT is a global technology and design university and the largest tertiary institution in Australia. With the university’s online portal, RMIT Online, students can take mentor-supported online courses in digital marketing to earn industry-recognised certifications.

RMIT Online’s offerings include courses in digital marketing strategy, digital marketing campaigns and social media marketing. The courses cover fundamental and in-depth skills in their respective areas. Students walk away with real-world projects that showcase their expertise and prepare them for a career in digital marketing.

For continued learning, the platform also offers two postgraduate courses in digital communication and digital marketing leadership, as well as a Bachelor of Business in marketing.

Australian Academy of Digital Marketing

Price: From $695 to $2,195

Duration: Three, six, or nine months

The Australian Academy of Digital Marketing is an institute that provides affordable digital marketing courses and certificates, both online and in-person, at campuses in Melbourne and Sydney.

The introductory course, designed for enthusiasts, covers digital marketing basics. The advanced course builds on the same material and adds SEO, digital marketing channels and website design to the curriculum. Finally, the postgraduate course covers the entirety of the academy’s curriculum and covers marketing analytics, social media advertising, and digital strategy.

Each course comes with practical, hands-on projects that help students develop their digital marketing skills.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of London

Price: $21,000 to $28,000

Duration: 36 to 72 months

If you’re looking for a traditional approach to your marketing education, the bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of London is a full-length university course in marketing. With reasonable tuition and an online curriculum, you can follow from anywhere in the world, this course teaches you far more than digital marketing.

Beyond the digital aspects, the University of London’s course covers quantitative studies, marketing in interpretive management, information systems, accounting, and so much more. If you’ve discovered that marketing is your calling, this course is a fair go.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course on Udemy

Price: Varies

Duration: Self-paced

Udemy is a wildly popular learning platform that boasts countless courses developed by industry professionals and educators. When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no shortage of courses on Udemy, but some are better than others.

With a 4.5-star rating and over 150,000 votes, the Complete Digital Marketing Course, created by Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh, has proven its worth.

Buying this course gives you access to over 22 hours of video, 35 articles, and eight downloadable resources that guide you through nearly every topic in the digital marketing repertoire. In addition to the skills you’ll learn, the course teaches you how to land jobs and freelance.

Neuromarketing: Applied Neuroscience to Grow Your Business on Udemy

Price: Varies

Duration: Self-paced

One of the newest additions to Udemy’s digital marketing catalogue is a short but sweet Neuromarketing course created by Diego Davila and Helena Decker. The course covers powerful neuromarketing strategies and insights to help you create customer desire and drive business growth.

But wait, aren’t these supposed to be courses on digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad field that includes countless skills and techniques aimed at persuading people to buy. Neuromarketing is all about using neural signals to understand your customer’s motivations and leveraging them to seal the deal.

Internet Marketing for Smart People

Price: Free

Duration: Self-paced

Internet Marketing for Smart People is a digital marketing course created by the pros and Copyblogger. While this course focuses mostly on content writing, relationships, and direct response marketing, it’s regarded as a classic must-read for any marketer worth their salt.

Considering it’s completely free, the only investment is a few hours of your time.

And besides, given the diversity of skills that fall under the digital marketing umbrella, it’s a good idea to explore the many free courses available to you. This will help you build a good mental model of the techniques and concepts relevant to the discipline, as well as provide ample opportunities to explore your curiosity.

Andrew Silver



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