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Top 3 Business Class Airfares

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Travelling can be a pain when it comes to finding the right airfare. On the internet, you can find all sorts of tips and tricks that refer to the specific days, hours, and times of the year when you can get the best prices on air travel. However, no matter how much you strategize to find the perfect price for the perfect flight, it might only come down to the price of your destination.

The following are some destinations that have great deals on business class flights to offer premium comfort whether you’re flying for work or fun. As a reference, all flights are priced at one passenger flying from JFK International Airport to the destination with a round trip ticket for two weeks.

Number 3: Ecuador

This is a little known destination for most international travelers, given that it is one of the smallest countries in South America and pales in comparison to well-known giants such as Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. However, Ecuador is considered one of the safest countries in Latin America. It has a relatively stable economy and government. Its crime rate is low, thanks to its status as a middle income nation.

Overall, Ecuador has many deals top US airlines, but the one that sticks out the most is American Airlines, whose business class tickets come out at a cheap $1,456 to the capital Quito. For an international business class flight, this is a great deal.

What is so great about Ecuador is it offers a wide variety of things to do in such a small country. This means it’s easy to get around and you can surely fill up a two-week vacation with loads to do.

The country has a long coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The coast has both urban and quiet village settings, which means you can either take a trip to a resort or make a quiet three day stop at an inn on a seemingly untouched beach. After your trip on the coast, you can then take to the Andes and enjoy some Incan ruins or visit the native people of Ecuador and take in their culture.

Whatever you do, Ecuador has great deals on business class flights year round, which makes it a great destination for a trip now or in the year to come. In any case, it is our top destination for international flights.

Number 2: Austin, Texas

In the realm of domestic flights, many people often look to the big cities such as San Francisco, Miami, or Las Angeles to take a trip. Because these cities are so popular, these flights can be quite expensive. When looking for a cheap travel destination, look no further than deep in the heart of Texas. The live music capital of the world, as it is known, is nestled deep in the so-called Silicon Hills, where many tech companies have taken root.

As far as business class flights, Austin comes in at a cheap $776 for a two-week round trip ticket. This is less than most big name destinations in the domestic arena.

The greatest appeal of Austin is its atmosphere. It can be described as a big city look with a small town feel. Austin clings to its past while looking to the future. This can be seen in the small bars on what looks like a small town Main Street, even though there are giant skyscrapers only a few blocks away. The city also offers many homegrown businesses such as the diner chains, ice cream chains, and the Texan wine country.

Whatever your reason for travelling, Austin is the perfect destination, whether you’re looking for a lively nightlife or a calm and relaxing vacation.

Number 1: Madrid, Spain

As far as value for the experience, the number one travel destination for this list would have to be Madrid, Spain. This city is the capital of Spain, host to a millennia of culture, from Roman times to modern times. It is home to world class art, vast palaces, and small Spanish bars featuring tapas and flowing Rioja wine.

A business class trip to Madrid will cost around $2,899 on many top US airlines. This contains much value simply based on the fact that there is an endless number of things to do in Spain and the area around Madrid.

The city is a European capital of culture, with many different monuments to its past and present. The most well-known destination is the Prada museum, as well as the home of the Spanish Royal Family, the Royal Palace. Every turn on every street in Madrid is a new opportunity to take a picture and explore.

The following are reasons why Madrid is a number one destination for international flights:

So, if you are trying to figure out where you want to go on your next vacation, you should take these destinations into consideration. They offer the best deals on business class flights while giving a bang for your buck, thanks to the endless amount of things you can do over your stay. They also offer many deals under top US airlines, to ensure safe and reliable air travel from your starting point to your destination. Happy travels!

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