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Why You Should Get a Degree in Nursing

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Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare community. They work in tandem with physicians to provide direct care to patients, administering medications, and carrying diagnostic exams where necessary. It is essential to understand that nursing is a calling more than a profession. People often choose this vocation because they feel called to help others through their pain and suffering. For those who choose it, nursing has countless benefits to offer. These benefits make it a worthwhile career choice and a highly respectable field to pursue. Plus, it’s a rewarding occupation that offers job security, flexibility in working hours, and competitive salaries.

Careers in Nursing

Few careers offer the same benefits as nursing. Nurses get to work with exciting people, they can easily find jobs anywhere in the world, and more importantly, they get to save lives.

On top of all of that, becoming a registered nurse (RN) isn’t their only option. From oncology nurse to travel nurse to a nurse manager, there is a wealth of career opportunities that open up after getting a nursing degree. Here are some career paths that a nursing degree opens for you.

Registered Nurse

Median Salary:  $73,300 per year

RNs educate the public and patients about various health conditions, along with offering advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, RNs have favorable employment outlooks as the industry is projected to grow seven percent by 2029. Furthermore, the number of jobs will rise by 16 percent from 2014 to 2024.

To become an RN, you need an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Once you graduate, you’ll find many career opportunities in diverse specialties depending on the area that interests you the most.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Median Salary: $115,800 per year

Advanced practice registered nurses include nurse-midwives, anesthetists, and nurse practitioners. Their job is to synchronize patient care and provide primary and specialty healthcare services according to their specialties.

This is quite possibly the fastest-growing field of nursing, with job outlooks projected to grow by 45 percent by 2029. You’ll need a graduate degree to find a job in this specialization. Employers may also ask for advanced education in the nursing field.

Critical Care Nurse

Median Salary: $75,949 per year

A critical care nurse is quite similar to an RN. However, this type of nurse is specifically trained for emergencies. As such, critical care nurses are expected to attend to patients with severe injuries and observe the life support systems in demanding scenarios.

Benefits of Nursing

From excellent compensation to the contentment that comes with assisting patients, there are various benefits to pursuing a nursing career.

Job Security

The Bureau of Health Professions reports that healthcare providers will see a shortage of 800,000 nurses by 2020. As a result, medical facilities and hospitals are always in search of nursing staff.

Increased Personal Satisfaction

A 2017 survey by AMN Healthcare found that 83 percent of nurses are satisfied with their choice in career.

Nursing is one of the most appreciated and respected fields in the world. Usually, patients prefer to interact and connect with their nurses more than doctors. Plus, quite a lot of nurses find personal gratification in this acknowledgment.

Career Mobility

It is possible to concentrate as a nurse in several different fields with unique specializations that set you apart in the job market.

You can work as a legitimate nurse consultant in the justice system or work with patients that need wound or trauma care. You can also work as a researcher, writer, or teacher. Since the possibilities are endless, you are never out of jobs in the nursing field.

Advancement Opportunities

Career advancements in the nursing field are easier to come by compared to other occupations. Your employers may even be willing to pay for higher education and training benefits.

Of course, high positions come with increased monetary benefits.

Best Nursing Degree Programs

Colleges and universities across the country offer nursing degree programs, so the chances are that you’ll be able to find one near you quite easily. That’s because degrees in health-related subjects are one of the most popular areas of higher education.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University 

The estimated annual tuition fee for a Bachelor of Science (BSN) in Nursing Degree from Georgetown University is $58,503/year. Additionally, due to the university’s high quality of education, 92 percent of students are employed within two years of graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University Of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers a BSN program, which has an annual tuition of $57,770. It also provides MSN and DNP program specializations such as nurse anesthesia and nurse-midwifery for those who wish to pursue an advanced program.

Moreover, 74.3 percent of students found full-time employment within six months of graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of California Los Angeles

The University of California Los Angeles is well known for its quality education. In fact, it is among the best nursing institutions in the country.

The BSN program has an annual tuition fee of $13,239 for in-state students and $42,993 for out-of-state students. Furthermore, 89 percent of students are employed within two years of graduation.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a career that is interesting, challenging, and gives you the tools to make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most, nursing may just be your calling.

In this career, you’ll get to experience the many facets of patient care while also building your specialization in an area that interests you the most. So, go and explore your options!




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