Best Crossover interiors for 2016


Consumers are in need of vehicles with larger interiors and more versatility than standard sedans provide.  Auto manufacturers have answered the trend with the introduction of a new crossover class. Some of the best crossovers for the 2016 model year come with the bells and whistles that top sedan trims offer as well as utility…

Best SUV interiors for 2016


There are several steps you generally go through before deciding to buy a new luxury SUV.  You might think about your cargo and passenger needs, the type of driving you do, and important safety features. You might consider car colors and exterior styling choices.

Top Cadillacs in the 2016 Lineup

Cadillac is one of the leading American luxury brands for car buyers, with the right combination of unique features, fuel efficiency, and safety features. With a central focus on performance across all of the company’s sedans, coupes and SUVs, the company surpasses the competition on acceleration, efficiency, and aerodynamics. Of the many available models, five…

Top 2016 Crossovers for Men

As fuel prices have declined over the past two years, interest in crossover SUVs has spiked among men who want to upgrade from economy sedans and smaller cars. Crossovers are perhaps the best of all worlds, with excellent interior designs, powerful engines, and a bigger presence on the road. Though many options are available, four…

Jeep’s 2016 Redesigned Lineup

The 2016 Jeep lineup offers seven vehicles to choose from: The Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Renegade, Wrangler Unlimited, Wrangler, Compass, and Patriot. If you’re into Jeeps, or just interested to learn more about them, there’s a price point and edition to fit most tastes.

Ford’s 2016 Car Lineup

Ford has a smorgasbord of exciting vehicles to offer in its 2016 lineup. The best thing about buying a Ford model is that you know you will be getting the best in the industry. Ford has been providing the world with top-notch automobiles since it came to be in 1903. If you choose to buy…