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Mazda’s Latest Crossover Offerings

While Mazda has been selling more cars than ever in recent years, their crossover SUVs have become particularly popular as of late. If you’re in the market for a CUV, Mazda has some of the most enticing models currently available.

Best Crossover SUVs for Older Drivers

As technology changes, we strive to make more efficient all-in-one machines. We, as human beings, want that in everything from our phones to our televisions, and especially from our cars. We want a car that can cover all our needs as a car owner instead of simply getting us from point A to point B. That’s where the crossover SUV comes into the equation.

Best Crossover SUVs for Seniors

As you age, what you want in a car changes too. Fortunately, as America’s baby boomer age into a significant portion of the population, car manufacturers are keeping up with the new needs and wants of senior drivers. Helpful features that are becoming more common include backup cameras, power adjustable seats, bright headlights, and larger, better-lit displays and controls.

The Best Crossover SUVs in Australia for 2017

There are many new options for people wishing to purchase a crossover vehicle in 2017. A crossover vehicle, or CUV, differs from an SUV in that a crossover vehicle is built on the chassis of a car while an SUV is built on a truck chassis. Crossovers are all one piece, while SUVs are a…

The Best Crossover Cars in the USA for 2017

In today’s car market, many American drivers are opting to purchase crossover vehicles. They have become increasingly popular because they have the body, shape and utility of an SUV, but are more comparable to a car when it comes to size and gas mileage. Many companies have created crossovers in an effort to meet the…

The Best Crossover Cars in Canada for 2017

When it comes to a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), the amount of choices you have is astounding. With vehicles that combine the sporting capabilities of an SUV with the functionality of a hatchback, the advantages of a CUV are innumerable. The following models make the top of our list as the best crossover models on…